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High Note / Gems 7.80
Today I’m grateful for TC’s friend’s idea to end the conversation on a high note. (Gems 7.80).  I’m going to give this a go. My mom and I sometimes end our daily phone conversations with prayer. That’s been a high note and anecdote to fear and sadness. Truthfully, though, I’m still flummoxed about prayer, personally.

There’s a new (2021) page on under1000skies called “over1000prayers.”  I’m trying to learn what exactly prayer is.  For years I avoided it because (I’m only speaking for me) prayer felt kind of like begging. Or just a fairytale wish.  But, Jesus prayed, and I’m rather fond of him.  

I began in January to post a prayer a day. By December 31st I hope to have a prayer for every day, then do that twice more so that, by the end of year three, we have over 1000 prayers.

Prayers for the Missing
I want to especially include prayers for the missing.  Since Ben disappeared, I have felt a connection to every other family with a person-sized hole in their hearts and lives.  I have met many other people with missing family members. One is Mary Lyall whose daughter Susan disappeared on the same day as Ben, March 2nd, 20 years ago. Another is a friend I met online whose brother also disappeared the same day and year as Ben, but in South Africa. There is no NamUS.org there.

There are two especially difficult days in the lives of all the people who love a person who is missing: the day they disappeared and their birthday. I want to honor each missing person and their families with a prayer for both of those days. I don’t know if they will see it. There are many stories of heartbreak.  The ones hardest are on the NCMEC.org (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children).  This offer for prayers is open indefinitely. 

An Invitation
I injured my wrist and had to take a break for a while.  Now I want to catch up and finish this over1000prayers project. I’d love your help.  So here’s the invitation. I invite you to answer some questions about prayer. 

  • Do you pray?
  • Can you tell me what you pray about?
  • Can you give me an example?
  • Do you write prayers?
  • Or do you mostly wing it?
  • Is there a special prayer you love either written by you or someone else? 
  • Would you be willing to write a prayer for a missing person and their family?

Recently, I started praying every morning. When I pray, I sing. There are three songs I love especially in three languages.  I sing all three. Then I listen (meditate).

The Prayer of Saint Francis in English. 

Anandamayi in (I think) Hindi

Arameus – The Lord’s Prayer sung in Aramaic
View Linyoutu.be/ciEd-YzlOr0

“The Song by God”
A few days ago while listening to the John Prendergast call on Awakin.org, I heard the title of a book called Bhagavad Gita.  It literally means The Song by God. When I read that, I felt a rush of joy. I had heard of it, but I never looked it up until recently.

“I want my life to be a pure note in God’s song,” I decided one day not long ago.  My friend Deb said “universe” to her means, “One song.”  Not sure that’s etymologically correct, but I agree.  We both felt the truth of it. 

Do you ever see the movie, City of Angels? When the angels all stood on the beach singing at dawn, I felt this.  This is what feels right.  Singing joy, love, longing all mixed together.  That’s how I’ve been trying to pray. 

Prayers by You
If you feel like helping, I’d welcome any prayer.  Not just missing person prayers but anything that touches your heart.  Like this morning, my heart breaks for those in Florida whose friends and loved ones are still missing after the condo collapse.  Sending love and light. How would prayer even help this?  I’d love your thoughts.  

Here’s a high note. One of my favorite love songs.

With love and deep respect for YOUR path,

Also published today on KindSpring.org.

Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay.

6 thoughts on “Special Post

    • Cindy, thank you so much for responding. Your prayer is beautiful.

      You know, I can’t stop thinking about this post and all the ways I could have done it better. There’s a lot that’s superfluous here. My relationship with prayer is irrelevant. And I should have said that my mental or spiritual block around prayer only happened recently.

      Cristian Mihai teaches how to be a better blogger. One thing he teaches is to wait before publishing. That bit hasn’t fully sunk in, obviously. <– Snape voice.

      The main goal of this blog was to ask everyone else how *they* felt, how you feel, not to beat my chest and say, "Woe is me. Why is prayer such a problem for me?" Because no one else is going to know that. It's something I have to figure out.

      So many people I love and admire pray. I guess I wanted to know most of all, do your prayers work? Do they help anything? How do they influence the world around us, and inside us? When you say, "I'll pray for you/them/this…" is that prayer doing anything, harnessing the divine, to change anything? Maybe this is something I need to ask during meditation. I couldn't even do that properly this morning. I was so miffed at myself for posting this blog without waiting a bit.

      Thank you for your answer. I really appreciate it.

      With respect and gratitude,
      ♥. Niki

      PS And I don't even know if over1000prayers is taking away from the mail goal of this blog which is to highlight the beauty that grows from the darkest places, especially. Our homeless creatives, those who have experienced the deepest trauma. But then again, prayer may be a big part of why.

      Cindy, thanks for allowing me space today to express myself. Talking to you feels effortless. =) *hugs*

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