July Missing


July Missing

As of December 2019, according to FBI statistics, there are over 87,500 active Missing Person cases in the United States alone. That means that an average of 240 families every day are grieving the loss of a loved one. Mine is one of those families.

My son Benjamin Morse Archer disappeared on March 2, 2016. At this moment, I cannot find my son but I can try to help other moms and families in this small way every day by sending out prayers.

The two hardest days for the families of missing people, in my experience, are the day their loved one went missing and their birthday. The first is a reminder of how long they have had a person-sized hole in their lives. The second is another year without being able to celebrate this beautiful child, this beloved brother, this cherished friend; another year wondering if they even lived long enough to celebrate this new birthday.

Fear was huge in my heart for the first few years especially. Now I hold on to hope. A lot of people I love have been praying for me, our family, and for Ben to come home. I don’t know how prayer works, but I appreciate the kindness. So I am paying it forward.

Beginning on July 1st, I have been publishing a new missing-person case either on the anniversary of the day they went missing or on their birthday. The only days missing are July 2-4 which I will add as time allows. On July 5th, I figured out how to download data from the NamUS.gov database by date.

Each page has information linking back to missing loved one’s NamUS.gov page and includes the detective in charge of the case, contact information and a prayer for their families and those searching. I sometimes include maps or other photos I find on the web. One case is from British Colombia so there is no NamUS file for him since NamUS.gov is only for missing and unidentified persons in the United States.

If you want to choose a day to pray for a missing person and their loved ones, please let me know. I’m looking for written, spoken, sung or just promised prayers, good thoughts, and/or metta. Please pass this on to anyone you think might want to help. Thank you.


Daily prayers, 365 days a year until they come “home again, safe at last.”

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