August Missing


August Missing

August Missing, 2021

August 1
Johnie Blout
Muscoy CA

August 2
Shehala Collins
Baton Rouge CA

August 3
Barbara Cooper
Denver CO

August 4
Josiah Caskey
Lexington KY

August 5
Benita Woody
McKinney TX

August 6
Lisa Barfield-Morgan
Knoxville TN

August 7
Omar St. Hill
Hempstead NY

August 8
Jerry Hale
Doniphan MO

August 9
Rachelle Waline
Spokane, WA

August 10
Justin Flowers
Lakeside CA

August 11
Courtney Staggs
Florence AL

August 12
Phillip Stokey
Bass Creek MT

August 13
Ariel Garcia
Houston TX

August 14
Kelly Kaps
Paterson NJ

August 15
Randy Hacker
Emporia KS

August 16
Jesler Espana
Fallfurias TX

August 17
John McClelland
North Pole AK

August 18
James Kravets
Fairfax CA

August 19
Debbie Nictune
Fairbanks AK

August 20
Christopher Kerdus
Golden CO

August 21
Sorita Annis
Crestview FL

August 22
Shann Massey
Tampa FL

August 23
Kristie Ragland
Coker AL

August 24
Asha Hussein
Louisville KY

August 25
Phyllis Howe
Port Angeles WA

August 26
Marvin Simpson
Carbondale IL

August 27
Anna Dalonzo
Monroe NJ

August 28
Ashley Boles
Silver Spring MD

August 29
Brian Crain
Golden Valley AZ

August 30
Bobby Campbell
Lexington SC

August 31
Ron Vicknair
The Woodlands TX

To Love Eternal, God of all, within all, and everywhere, please be with all August Missing Loved Ones and their families and friends today and every day. Please guide the law enforcement agencies as they continue to investigate these Loved Ones’ cases. Thank you for all those helping in the search. Help them find answers so that they are reunited with their families or so that their grieving and worried loved ones can find peace. Amen.

August 2021

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These are 31 loved ones who went missing in August. That’s 31 of approximately 87,500 missing active cases in the United States alone. Please pick a day and pray for this loved one and his or her grieving family. Please say a prayer for the law enforcement working to bring their families answers. Thank you. ♥. nf

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