July 15

Kelley Cristyn Brannon

Captain Jason Rountree | Live Oak Police Department
(386) 362-2222 | Agency Case Number 0120004862

Circumstances of Disappearance
Kelley Brannon was at the Sunshine Inn in Live Oak Florida on july 14th 2020. She and her boy friend were traveling on I-75 on or about July 09th when they had vehicle trouble and were forced to stay in Live Oak, awaiting vehicle repair. During the evening hours of July 14th, after an ongoing argument between the two, Kelley left a voice mail stating that she was “getting in a car.” The voice mail was left at 0059 hours on the 15th of July. Some witnesses at the hotel stated that Kelley was seen walking away from the hotel on US Highway 90 headed East. She was stated to have had her guitar in a case over her shoulder as she walked away. This was reportedly around the same time frame that she left the phone message. Kelley had her cell phone but left behind all other possessions including currency and identification. Security video from the hotel has been reviewed. Although several vehicles enter and depart the parking lot it is unknown if Kelley may have entered any of these vehicles. She has not been in contact with close friends or family members since that time, which has been described as not normal behavior for Kelley.


Circumstance Notes
According to her boyfriend, he woke to find her gone from the Sunshine Inn. His cell showed a call from her in a message on his phone that she was getting in a car at exactly 12:59 am Wednesday, July 15th. It is his suspicion that this was a silver Honda Civic 2 door with tinted windows because he heard from some locals about a car that tries to pick up women on the side of the road and also there is video, according to him, of a car matching that general description pulling out of the motel at the same time.


Prayer for Kelley and Her Loved Ones

To Love Eternal, God of all, within all, and everywhere, please be with Kelley Cristyn Brannon’s family and friends today and every day. Please guide Captain Jason Rountree and Live Oak Police Department as they continue to investigate Kelley’s case. Thank you for the dedication of Captain Rountree as he continues to search for Kelley, and for all those helping in the search. Help them find answers so that Kelley is reunited with her family or so that her grieving and worried loved ones can find peace. Amen.

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