July 25

Precious-Grace Faafetai Tago

Janet Gregory, King County Sheriff’s Office (206) 296-4155
Agency Case Number C21000961

Circumstances of Disappearance: Last known verbal contact was with a friend in the early hours of 07/25/2020. Cross eyed, poor vision, wears glasses most of the time. Both arms have multiple tattoos; Forearms say “Honesty” & “Faithful.” Both ears pierced; nose may be pierced.


Prayer for Precious-Grace and Her Loved Ones

To Love Eternal, God of all, within all, and everywhere, please be with Precious-Grace Faafetai Tagos’ family and friends today and every day. Please guide Project Program Manager Janet Gregory and King County Sheriff’s Office as they continue to investigate Precious-Gracecase. Thank you for the dedication of Project Program Manager Gregory and for all those helping in the search. Help them find answers so that Precious-Grace is reunited with her family or so that her grieving and worried loved ones can find peace. Amen.


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