June 29

This is the prayer which I made and in all Maher homes recite this prayer in the morning and evening.


Oh, God of the Universe, Oh, Divine, Oh, Divine Light, Oh Nature, we call you by many names. Yet, you are the one universal energy present everywhere and in everyone. We come to you in humility and humbleness, knowing that you have the mighty power to heal this world. We ask forgiveness for the hurt our large and small acts of selfishness have caused you, humanity, all living things and the planet.

Through our choices, we humans have brought the world to where we stand today. We have failed to heed all of the warnings the Universe has given us.

Our carelessness has brought the world to its knees. We ask you to forgive us and mercifully awaken in us the wisdom and strength needed for the urgent healing. We ask for your help as we struggle to bear the illness, suffering and deaths of so many, the hopelessness of depression and the desperation of joblessness. We pray you will guide the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, volunteers, scientists, and all who are working around the clock to care for the ill and find the way ahead. Bless their hands and hearts. Grant them the strength they require.

Oh, Divine power, hear our humble prayers and uplift and heal us so that our world may be healed.

Love Sr Lucy , MaherAshram.org