2 March

Benjamin Morse Archer

Photo by Contessa Brown.

Five Years

Dear God,

I don’t pray that you take away this pain. I only pray you help me to be strong enough to bear it. I don’t pray that you remove my grief, but that you help me hold on to hope when grief’s fangs bite deep. I do pray for answers, and that I will be ready for them when they come. Thank you for all who have prayed for my son and offered kindness during these five years.


Niki Flow

Missing Benjamin

If you have any information, please contact Niki Flow (Ben’s mom) | (302) 836-1792
Delaware City Police Department | David Baylor, Chief | (302) 836-6344
Agency Case Number 36-16-000245

Prayer for Benjamin and His Loved Ones

To Love Eternal, God of all, within all, and everywhere, please be with Benjamin Morse Archer’s family and friends today and every day. Please guide the Chief David Baylor and the Delaware City Police Department as they continue to investigate Benjamin’s case. Thank you for the dedication of Chief Baylor and for all those helping in the search. Help them find answers so that Benjamin is reunited with his family or so that his grieving and worried loved ones can find peace. Amen.

5 July 2021

I spent some time yesterday on the NamUs,gov site (National Missing and Unidentified Persons System) searching for people missing in July for over1000prayers. My search for “July” (any year) yielded 20,491 results. This site is for the US only.

In 2016, the year Ben disappeared, I asked my case liaison officer Pam R. at NamUs if they planned to make NamUs international. She is a retired homicide detective from Washington, D.C. She said that the funding for such an endeavor would be astronomical and that it’s not currently a priority.

I met a friend from South Africa that year whose brother who disappeared on March 2nd, the same day as Ben, the same year.

The NCMEC.org helps families with missing children. I was one of their poster partners for years because I was a teenage runaway. So when Ben disappeared, I called them. They referred me to Mary Lyall, “Hope for the Missing.” Mary and her husband helped start that site, which unfortunately no longer exists, to help families with adult missing children. Mary Lyall’s daughter Susan also disappeared on March 2nd.

I used to think it was remarkable to know two other families whose loved ones disappeared on the same day Ben did. But after seeing these numbers on NamUS…not so much, now. If 20,491 was split evenly across 365 days, there would be at least 56* people who disappeared on March 2nd. And on July 5th.

*According to statistics released by the FBI at the end of 2019, it is more like 240 a day. (over1000prayers)

I cannot find my son right now. But I can send prayers and healing thoughts to other grieving moms and families who are missing loved ones. This is just such a huge weight on my soul. Prayer connects us to each other where we all have part of the answer. Please join me in praying for these missing loved ones, every day, if you can.

With gratitude and hope,

♥. Niki Flow