30 March

A Mother’s Heart

Dear God,
When I woke this morning,
I listened for the sounds she makes
When she opens up her eyes.
Her baby voice so sweet to me
And I lay there waiting patiently.
And it took me several moments
For the dream lift, for me to realize
That she’s gone
And I must go on,
But I miss her.

Dear God,
I was in the bookstore yesterday
When I saw a book I knew she’d love,
And I picked it up to buy it for her,
Because today (today) is her birthday.
It was as if my mind got lost inside
Another universe where she never died.
But then I came back to the here and now
and I cried.
She’s gone
And I must go on,
But I miss her.

Dear God,
It’s midnight. I haven’t been to sleep,
I just toss and turn. After all this time
You’d think I’d learn that this day
Won’t ever get easier without her.
If this hole inside is filled with love
Then why do I feel so empty?
She’s gone. (Oh God)
She’s gone.
And I know I must, I must go on.
But I miss her.


For Petro, and her beautiful daughter Embeth, born today; a lovely girl with brown eyes and long brown hair, a free spirit, and gifted in the arts. She graced the world for only 17 years and is deeply missed by her loved ones.

Image by Gabriela Piwowarska from Pixabay