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Last Updated:  26 November 2018

2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi, I was just visiting your website and filled out your “contact us” form. The “contact us” page on your site sends you these messages to your email account which is why you are reading my message right now right? This is half the battle with any type of advertising, making people actually READ your ad and I did that just now with you! If you have an ad message you would like to promote to thousands of websites via their contact forms in the US or anywhere in the world send me a quick note now, I can even target your required niches and my prices are super low. (email removed)

    • Thanks Jorge. My Contact page is glitchy and the best way to reach me is comments actually. I never get emails from Contacts unless i make a point to remember. I have 0 budget for my websites now since this site is totally not-for-profit using the “Designing for Generosity” economic model.

      I wish you lots of luck with your business, though. Thanks for your visit. ♥.

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