My name is John Olander, DCCA. I live in Denver, Colorado. I am the Rocky Mountain Director and Talent Scout for The letters after my name are self-made, just like I am: I am a Dot-Connecting Change Agent.

The 28th is a special day of the month. On February 28, 2022, John celebrated his 14th month of sobriety (and I celebrated my 23rd year). On February 28th, we featured two of John’s recent poems. Then every month on the 28th going forward, John told me that hopes to share new material to celebrate each anniversary of his new journey. 

Congratulations, JohnnyO! 

Thank you so much for your creative gifts and for your friendship over the years, John.

♥. Niki Flow

Nicole and John
Soul Connections
Kids and Cooking
“Integrity” by JO
Park Hill
“Effort Equals Change” by JO
“You Can’t Protect It” by JO
“2nd Grade” by JO
The Garden
“First Light” by JO
“Boy Oh Boy” by JO
“Climb Again” by JO

John and I meet weekly to discuss his upcoming memoir. As the project comes together, I’ll share parts of his story here. John’s story is one of the most inspiring, interesting and triumphant stories I have ever heard.

My Volunteer Biographers page on PledgrePage got taken down for some reason and I lost everything on the site. This means an opportunity. The window that flew open when that door led to here.