Once I Submit My Creative Work…

Then what?

So the way we’ve done it so far is this.


You can get in touch with me with the form below, by leaving a phone message or by emailing me. I’ll contact you and we can chat about what you’d like to send.

The categories are

  • poetry
  • photos
  • spoken-word audio
  • </=500-word short stories
  • any combination of the above

a. Poetry.

I lift one sentence from your poem (you choose which) — and highlight that with a photo.  If the poem is short, I may be able to fit it all on the Gem. Or we can toss the usual format and create a Gem that fits your poem. (See below.)

Here are some examples:

Gems 4.12 Photo and poetry copyright © Cord X  2018. All rights reserved.
Gems 5.190. Photo and poetry copyright © Cord X  2019. All rights reserved.

b. Photos.

If you are submitting a photo. I will add a quote for the photo. I prefer if it’s one of your favorites but if I choose the quote I’ll always run that by you first.

Here are some examples:

Gems 5.25. Photo copyright © Cord X  2019. All rights reserved. This was done during our Valentine’s theme that year.
Gems 5.30. Photo copyright © Cord X  2019. All rights reserved.

c. Alternate Format – Photos and Poetry.

Our first creative artist JohnnyO. joined us before I changed the Gem format. I am always willing to create Gems that will fit your poetry if that is your preference. Here are some examples:

Gems 3.70. Photo by Nicole Huguenin. Poetry by JohnnyO
Gems 4.65. Poem by JohnnyO. Image by Niki Flow.

I can use your photo, mine, or one chosen from other volunteer photographers on Pixabay to feature your work. Here’s my page on Pixabay:  https://pixabay.com/users/jazztizz-9341100/  I don’t have a lot of content so far but I am working on it.  They are very strict about what they will accept, which really is great.  Just like writing. 

d. Audio.

If you have an audio file, I can use it to create a video. The video can have the words of your poem, photos to illustrate it, or both. Or it can be blank. We’ll discuss that too. Here’s an example:

Gems 6.219

Gems 6.219. Image by Niki Flow. From “Hope” by JohnnyO. Full audio below.
Gems 6.219 “Hope” was also performed in 9News (KUSA) – Denver, January 14, 2018:

e. Stories.

I actually created a page specifically about submitting stories a while back:

Tell Us a Story

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s a request for your light-filled ¤ Gems ¤

under1000skies story

This quote was posted today on the London Libraries Twitter page. I loved it and thought it was a perfect way to announce the theme for February and, really, for the rest of 2018.

☼ Tell us a story ☼

Tell us about something that lights your heart.
Tell us about how you journeyed out of the dark.
Tell us about your passion. What makes your heart sing?
Tell us, how do you manage to bring
joy to every single day, every day of every year?
Please tell us your story. We so want to hear it, and
Most of all, tell us who, what, where, when and why
You love. What makes you laugh out loud? and cry?
“We owe it to each other to shares stories,” and then
“The first duty of love is also to listen.” (We will.)

Submission Guidelines
500 words or less.
Must be uplifting, inspiring, and/or humorous.
It must be your story.
G-rated for all audiences.
A link to your site is ideal.
Your photos and/or artwork are always welcome.
Any copyright/collection information.
How you want your name to appear.
Anonymous submissions are fine.
Quote submissions with the “story” as a theme are also welcome.


Editing may or may not happen but I never edit poetry.   

With creative writing or copywriting, you need someone who will say, “This works better this way.” Feedback, and lots of communication. Good editors are priceless this way. But poetry is totally different.   The only thing that needs editing with poetry might be a misspelling.  Even that could be purposeful so I never edit any poetry — or anything for that matter  — without checking with the artist first.

I will send you the final draft first for approval before publishing.  Eventually, John and Cord gave me carte blanc but that is entirely your choice. I have no problem sending you the draft first.


Let me know what you want to be known as.  Once you submit your work, I’ll create a page for you and start updating it as you contribute. 

Here are John and Cord’s pages.





a. Publishing

We share your content as follows:

(1) Here on under1000skies.org;

(2) on Instagram:

(3) on your page here when we create it updated with every contribution;

(4) on YouTube when I can find another source for free music to make the bi-weekly vids; and for all audio/video content. Here are the themed videos we have so far:

under1000skies.org Playlist 1.1 – 3.18

(5) on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr for big announcements (for now).

(6) all of the above when we have enough content to do Gallery Shows.  (See below for more about Gallery Shows).

b. Copyright

If you wish copyright information to appear under your work: “Photo copyright © (you) (year). All rights reserved.” I’ll be happy to do that. Several have preferred it. Others are cool without it. Just let me know.


Gallery shows feature content from everyone who contributed photos for our use during that period. Here are the ones we have done in the past.

2016 (1st)

2016 (2nd)

2017 (aka under1000skies: A History)


A lot happened between 2016-2018 to our family personally and 2020 happened to us all. But we’ll have a new Gallery show this year (2022). The next Gallery Show will be done here and on YouTube and will include spoken word, art, photos, and poetry.

Do you still have questions? Let me know! I would love to hear from you about how to make this entire process easier and this page better understood!

Get in touch

Niki Flow