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I had an idea for kindness that won’t cost much. I was inspired by the collaboration this past two weeks of Mindy and Rajni. Mindy gives out origami peace doves, and today Rajni posted a video about making paper butterflies. I immediately thought, “I could do that!” I used to make decorative fans in a similar way. I still have my craft bag and wallpaper sample books, dried flowers and hot glue guns! =) I even had a name for my business that never quite got off the ground: “Fanfare”

We belong to each other. Mother Teresa (2).jpg

Inspired by “We Belong to Each Other” a story by Mia Tagano,

So, I also read that Rajni gives out something called “quote cards.” I’m guessing these are inspirational quotes printed on paper or cardboard, right? Well – cool. I have a ton of those through under1000skies.

Then I thought,  I can also make special ones that lead to inspirational stories. I was thinking of Mia’s story about helping the man with the orange turban:  We Belong to Each Other – A Love Story. That really touched my heart. I love the quote she shared too. So on one side of the quote card would be the quote and on the other the URL to the story.

Looking forward to more opportunities to be like Rajni (quote cards) and Mindy (doves and a million other things) and Mish (kitty helper, hug creator, etc. ∞) and (so many other people here). Basically, as opportunities present themselves.

For more Pay-It-Forward ideas and graphics to share and/or receive (free), check out my Simbi page:  Buttons for Benjamin:  365 Small Acts of Kindness

The quote above is a sample graphic that I want to use with Mia’s story and quote “we belong to each other.” This beautiful photo is by “Skeeze” from Pixabay Photographer Volunteers.




Pancho Ramos Stierle living bridges quote card

This was inspired by Hashida Mehta’s story, Pancho’s Message from Tijuana and Subtle Satyagraha Of Pancho’s Pilgrimage a story by Dustin Harber.  Both were about Pancho’s 91-day walk from Oakland beginning on March 12 to the Mexico Border on June 16th.  Dustin’s story contained this quote^ by Pancho with a link which led to this amazing story on Karma Tube (narrated by John Hurt!) about The Living Bridges of Meghalaya

Any of the graphics on our site with our logo under1000skies are free to print and share.  I’m working to redo all graphics to include the logo to honor every contribution and kindness given to us, especially our homeless artists.  I’m also working on getting our purchased domains and .com linked to this WordPress site, but it’s slow going and lots of left-brain learning. Not my strong suit.  (See “Help Wanted – Tech Advice” on our About Page.)  If you share online, a link back would be great but is not a requirement.  The only exceptions are the Year-1 photos with a “limited copyright” (for example, Chip Haldane’s photos for the Eowyn Challenge which were taken on the Lord of the Rings movie site in New Zealand.)




Amazing Grace

She Was No Other, But My Sister,” by Avni V.,  Photo “Londono Bridge” by Julius Silver, Pixabay.  I love the statue especially in this photo and thought it really brought out the joy of the connection in Avni’s beautiful story.



God Bless You by Jenna 2

From “Peace within Paris” by Jenna.


Mindy Journey Forgiveness (1)

Inspired “Forgiveness” by MindyJourney,, Day 14 — Forgiveness




silience (1)

Inspired by “Everyone Is Good At Something – Meeting V.R. Ferose” by Nipun Mehta and “SilienceThe Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows by Hayden Hunter.



Mindy Dove Poem - Response to Challenge

Inspired by MindyJourney’s beautiful poem here which she said was inspired by my Writer’s Challenge here. Thank you, Mindy, for your beautiful response. I love it! ♥.


KMbhai pleasure of peace

Inspired by “The Pleasure of Peace” by KMbhai,



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Crystal Palace, Story + Comments,

(d.m.) Photo Cinque Terre, Italy by BabbePhotograpy, Pixabay
(m.p.) Photo Elgot, Isle of Skye, Scotland by Frank Winkler, Pixabay
(p.j.) Photo Isle of Skye, Scotland by Frank Winkler, Pixabay
(r.g.) Photo Himachal Pradesh, the Himalayas by Avalok, Pixabay
(b.2.) Photo Isle of Skye, Old Man of Storr by Frank Winkler, Pixabay


TC Simple Nourishment

Lovingly Nourished by TC on



Elle luna2

Elle Luna: Designing a Life Beyond
the Crossroads of Should and Must


Darfur Emi Mahmoud

I am a sad girl,
but my face makes other plans,
focusing energy on this smile, so as not to waste it on pain.
The first thing they took was my sleep,
eyes heavy but wide open,
thinking maybe I missed something,
maybe the cavalry is still coming.
They didn’t come,
so I bought bigger pillows.

“You Have a Big Imagination or 400,000 Ways to Cry” by Emtithal “Emi” Mahmoud

from:  TED:  A Young Poet Tells the Story of Darfur

Photo: Sudan by Ahmad1574, Pixabay