Gems 3.70

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

John YCP2

You Can’t Protect It
When you live out of bags,
It’s tough to keep things straight.
Especially because, typically, they are
All sorts of Opaque.
Where’s this? Where’s that?
I thought it was in this one.
Dammit, what a bitch this.
Rummaging is no fun.
Oh well, I’ll tear everything completely apart
And stack all my bags like a fine work of Art.
Without my phone and charger, I’ll be hosed.
No work for me today, I suppose.
Searched every zip compartment in my artful stack.
Only to discover, once again, my phone got jacked!

-John Olander

John Olander, known to his friends as “Johnny O” is a self-employed change-maker currently living in Denver Colorado. He has been “on a camping trip” for over ten years and understands life on the streets better than most. Yet this hardship has not made John bitter, only better. Nearly every day when he is not engaged in a search for food or shelter (from 4am until nearly midnight), John is helping others on the street. About one-third of John’s day is spent on transportation — on buses, subways, and walking to find jobs, food and shelter for a single day. Yet through all this, John has taken the time to be supportive and submit poetry for under1000skies.  I’m so grateful for our connection.  Johnny O and I became friends about a year ago when he became one of the first supporters of under1000skies. He is very dear to us all here, and we look forward to more creative content from Johnny in the years to come.




May you find joy every day,

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