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“Today we fight. Tomorrow we fight. The day after, we fight. And if this disease plans on whipping us, it better bring a lunch, ’cause it’s gonna have a long day doing it.”

-Jim Beaver, Life’s → That Way

Special Post

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
This is a special post for everyone.

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Two new things to share.


I put this sign in our front windows for our neighbors to see.  We moved to this house ten years ago.  If you also follow my personal blog, you’ll know why I have rarely ventured out.

Short story

40 years of trauma; 15 years of PTSD; serious physical* illness; got over it; serious physical illness; got over it; Ben disappeared; serious physical illness; got over PTS and agoraphobia (Transformation); getting over latest body sickness; quarantine.

*Not “mortal” as previously written else I’d be a very talented ghost. Duh. *blush*

It’s a bit weird to think that I might be our neighborhood Boo Radley.  But that’s okay.   I hope to change that this summer little by little.  We’re working on a garden.  We finally got masks, thanks to my mom! She was given a box and sent us three.  So now we can safely go shopping.  Rather, my crew can.  Thank God for my family.  I hope to share our garden bounty with neighbors, and (Kindness Diaries on Netflix) host a weekly barbecue once the quarantine lifts. Or maybe schedule pickups. Haven’t figure that out yet.  People need food, and we can grow food.  We have a pretty big yard.



I had an idea. I was actually thinking of my friend Terre when this idea came and then I thought I could put it out to anyone

I’d be willing to create 21-day challenges for families in mourning. I can make graphics too.  These are three weeks of emails to anyone you invite, and a private thread for connection, to remember a loved one.  It can begin with a live video memorial like my friend Mindy did for our first day of our friend Carole on the 29th, a couple of days ago: 

Remembering LeoLady

When LeoLadyC728 left us on April 18th, I wanted to find a way to channel my sadness and help her friends who were very close to her and grieving.  So I created the “Celebrating LeoLady” challenge.  I used Carole’s first 21 posts on KindSpring, giving a lovely glimpse into a beautiful life.
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You are not alone.


ps 22apr2020:  Meant to add music, as promised.  This song, “Don’t Wait” by Addison Road was release in 2010, but when I listened to this song tonight, it felt like it a letter to the future we’re living today.

Gems 5.132

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“Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty, kindness, generosity, moral courage, and the like. More than anything else, it is about how we treat other people.”
— Dennis Prager

I hope we have a wonderful weekend.


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