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.♡ I feel the world and want to help heal the world. When I listen, I learn. ♡. Mostly on Substack (link below) and under1000skies.org. I joined Substack to follow my favorite newsletters. For my substack, I'm sharing only my creative work - poems, stories, music, and art. Excuse the mess. I just moved in, and I'm still unpacking. If you enjoyed my writing, you may enjoy my first book, "Elanthian Love Songs - A Bard's Tale," by Sara Michele O'Sullivan (former pen name).

Gratitude Day – May 2023

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Today we’re celebrating another JohnnyO Gratitude Day!

This is a 5-minute excerpt of a 35-minute interview by Arnie Carter with John Olander, our first generous poet on under1000skies.org. Features two of John’s poems, “Hello Fear” and the first poem John ever wrote six years ago, “History Shelf.” John talks candidly about his life on the street, his addiction, what he loves about being a poet, and how he has triumphed since. Congrats, John! Thank you so much.

Transcription below.

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