Christmas Eve Alone

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡ Thank you for being part of the Gems/Rx4H family for the past few years. I’m so grateful for our connection. Tonight, I wanted to share a true story about friendship, love and Christmas Eve.

Wishing you a ¤ light-filled ¤ holiday.

Niki Flow

rose snow

My mother was a single mom and I her only child in the 60’s. We lived in the city in a tiny apartment. My Aunt Rose and cousins lived next-door. Every December my mom spread the word to anyone alone on Christmas Eve that she would be having open house. My mom believed that no one should be alone during the holidays. If she could, she probably would have put an ad in the paper inviting the world.

As it was, our tiny apartment was stuffed, every room but my bedroom filled with partying adults on Christmas Eve. Sleep was impossible, but I tried anyway because Santa would not leave gifts for little girls who were awake (so I was told). I lay in bed and wondered how in the world Santa would even know I was asleep amid all the noise.  I wondered how he could sneak in and…

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