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Forgive my absence. Gems will be offline until I can get some health stuff sorted. Been seeing too many doctors to count. Too tired to do much except count my gratitudes.  You are always among those.


9 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. Sending love and prayers Niki. No apologies needed. Trust yourself when you’ve reached your limits and take time to fill it yourself back up. ❤️

      • Thank you E. That would be lovely. I’m not doing well. Grief has had me by the throat since a very vivid dream about Ben being murdered. I can’t shake this darkness. Thank you for asking. ♥.

  2. I’m so sorry Niki. Your grief is justified and wholly understandable. I hope you’re seeking support to help you through. May I suggest a tiny bit of unsolicited advice? EMDR is a kind of therapy that I can’t say enough good about. When my trauma resurfaced and I was waking up night after from horrible dreams, this was the only thing that gave relief. I don’t know that anything ever completely takes away the impact of our loss or pain but there are things that can help to restore our peace. I’ll be praying for moments of relief in your healing Niki, that what you need finds it’s way to you.

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