Week 1: Buttons for Benjamin

Tuesday, Full of Grace

February 21 - 26, 2019

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” Mother Teresa

In Gems 5.20 I wrote:

From February 28th on, every week on Tuesday, there will be a special Gem here on under1000skies called “Full of Grace.”  Ben and I were both born on a Tuesday.   I feel the grace of love intertwined always with the sadness.  I feel the grace of support and compassion from friends.  I feel the grace of peace, whenever I reach out, from the source of all Love.  So this weekly “Full of Grace” Gem will be a list of the SAoKs (small acts of kindness) the week before.  I’ll include a photo for each whenever possible.

Problem is, February 28th is a Thursday.   This first “Full of Grace” will only include the six SAoKs from Thursday until today in collage format.  You can find the full versions of each day on Niki Flow:  Buttons for Benjamin – 365 Small Acts of Kindness.

Day 1: The Wish

Day 2:  The Day

Day  3:  The List

Day 4:  The Name

Day 5:  The Meaning

Day 6:  The Alphabet


Week 1b

Week 1 of 52


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