Week 4: Buttons for Benjamin

365 Small Acts of Kindness in honor of my missing son Benjamin Morse Archer


Week 1

Day 1/365: The Wish
Day 2/365: The Day
Day 3/365: The List
Day 4/365: The Name
Day 5/365: The Meaning
Day 6/365: The Alphabet

Week 2

Day 7/365: The Date
Day 8/365: The Rock
Day 9/365: The Note
Day 10/365: The Letter
Day 11/365: The Card
Day 12/365: The Marathon
Day 13/365: The Loan

Week 3

14/365: 3/6 The Memoriam
15/365: 3/7 The Mirror
16/365: 3/8 The Share
17/365: 3/9 The Buddy
18/365: 3/10 The Postcard
19/365: 3/11 The Kiss
20/365: 3/12 The Text

Week 4

21/365:  3/13 The Song
Recorded a song for my sons and uploaded it.
22/365:  3/14 The Pie
Sent pie jokes to my daughter and granddaughters (email) for Pi(e) Day (3.14).
23/365:  3/15 The Email.
Sent a letter of encouragement to a friend.
24/365:  3/16 The Call
Called Mom for a chat.
25/365:  3/17 The Hug
Hugged me. Needed it.
26/365:  3/18 The Decision
Took a step back from a longterm project to re-evaluate everything.
27/365:  3/19 The Frame
Created a frame for an old pic of my dad and his siblings for my mom

To Mom


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