Gems 5.57

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤


Photo Zion Park, Utah by Pixabay

William Shakespeare was probably born on this day in 1564.  The only thing known is that his baptismal day was on April 26th.  So for centuries, his birthday has traditionally been celebrated on Saint George’s Day, April 23rd.  It is also the day he died 52 years later.

Yesterday I updated Benjamin’s page with a video from his trip to Paris with his sister 14 years ago.  That was about the time I wrote this sonnet, below, for him.  His younger brother Joe was learning about iambic pentameter in English and challenged me to write a sonnet that way.  It was near Benny’s birthday and so I wrote it for him.  Ben laughed when he read it.

I miss him every minute of every day.

A Sonnet to Benjamin
When with fatigue I wonder as I type
 If my dear son will think his mum a loon
 The moment he begins to read my tripe
 And if it will end up in a spitoon;

Or if he understands how he is loved
 By heav'n and earth by all the universe,
 And if recalled how hard I pushed and shoved
 On that bright day upon the world he burst;

 Or if he will dismiss this heartfelt poem
 As standard mother ramblings age adorns,
 And think perhaps the marbles have all roamed
 From out this brain where intellect is mourned.

    Yet always he has been my champion.
    A better son was never had than him.

Niki Flow

Wishing you joy, love, and poetry throughout all the days of your life.

♥. nf

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