Gems 5.83

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Gems 5.83a Pancho (1)

One of our ServiceSpace soulkin, Pancho Ramos Stierle (Casa de Paz, Palo Alto) was detained on Saturday at the Mexican border.

The story from Angela Oh, with a Sunday update, is here:
Earth Flag Going Up at the Mexican Border
15-16 June | 2019 Angela Oh
15jun19 (sat)
“Today Panchito was detained at the border as we tried to make entry into Mexico. In true Pancho spirit, he replied to queries about his ID and citizenship by stating he had no ID and is a citizen of the world. Jai Jagat!”*

(Emphasis mine.  See * below)

16jun19 (sun)
“We have received word that Pancho may be released back to the U.S. tonight or tomorrow.

“Pancho could get released if he has no outstanding warrants. Another factor in favor of release is that the CBP is overwhelmed with the number of persons being detained and they want to clear people who do not pose a threat.

“However, there is also a chance that Pancho will be referred to the Mexican authorities because of his citizen-of-the-world stance…”


‘The most effective weapon against a system based on greed and violence is kindness.'” -Pancho Ramo Stierle

Pancho | Casa de Paz | under1000skies

Pancho’s courage has inspired me often over the years.  He was there for Occupy Oakland in 2011 and at Standing Rock during the Pipeline Crisis in 2016.  His peaceful, nonviolent way of life has created an Eden in Palo Alto at Casa de Paz in a neighborhood that is known for gang violence.  I named a character in a story for my granddaughters after Pancho two summers ago.  Pancho’s story in Nipun Mehta’s Ted Talk Designing for Generosity is one of the ways I found the courage to start under1000skies.  I know that “Worry is praying for what you don’t want” so I’m doing my best to send only peaceful thoughts.  We’re not on Facebook or Twitter anymore, so you are very welcome to share this anywhere.  Any prayers you and your friends can send for Pancho would be most welcome.



Walking with Pancho
5 June 2019 | Angela Oh

*Jai Jagat as a Way of Life
19 August 2013 | Pancho Ramos Stierle

love globally, learn locally
serve selflessly, share effortlessly”

If You Want to Be a Rebel, Be Kind
(Occupy Oakland)
9 July 2013 | Nipun Mehta




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