Newsletter Video 2.12: Grief

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend. ♡
This week on ¤ ¤


this unsent letter
is breaking my heart tonight;
with you in spirit


that we will never see your face again
never hear your voice, your laugh,
never hold your hand
is searing truth our hearts cannot believe
and yet, we know;
and so, we grieve


“You don’t get over it, you get through it. It doesn’t get better, it gets different. Every day, just like me, grief puts on a new face.” -Unknown


“You never really stop missing someone. You just learn to live around the huge gaping hole of their absence.” -Alyson Noel, Evermore


“…And here am I, budding
among the ruins
with only sorrow to bite on,
as if weeping were a seed and I
the earth’s only furrow.”
-Pablo Neruda, Lightless Suburb

Niki Flow

Ave Maria (Bach/Gounod)
Performer: John Michel

2 thoughts on “Newsletter Video 2.12: Grief

    • Thank you for your visit, Cindy. =)

      It is, so much sadness. But (and this is from Monday) this needed to be about grief. Dr. Thurman’s advice, to not worry about what the world needs, is really good advice, but I don’t follow it when I make Gems.

      Each Sunday, I try to figure out what the overwhelming emotion of the world has been this week. Then, I try to find an uplifting opposite.

      This week, however, there was no opposite. This came to you where you are right now, in your pain, took your hand and sat in quiet understanding.

      When our loved one is taken, especially at first, we have no choice but to think about it. No words can undo it. We swim in it, breathe in it, often feel like we’re drowning in it.

      I’ve lost people and the only thing that pulled me back was knowing I was loved and that I wasn’t alone.

      If you have lived even a short time on this planet, and if you’ve allowed yourself to love, you know exactly what I mean.

      So this week I wanted everyone to know that they are not alone and to remind them of what I needed to hear, over and over.

      You are loved. This will not kill you, though you may feel as though you are dying. When you feel you can’t go on, please reach out. Help is all around. And, even though you may not believe it right now, you won’t be sad forever, not all the time. You will, however, never be completely free of this grief, so long as you are brave enough to remember.

      May you find peace and joy most of all when you remember the love you shared.

      ♥. Niki Flow

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