Happy Star Wars Day.

may the fourth

Photo courtesy of my awesome little sis.  We both love baby Yoda. But I mean, who doesn’t? ♥.

(PS Sorry I meant to select my Niki Flow blog to reblog this. Oh well.)

Niki Flow



Until 1999 I was just like everyone else.  Every once in a while at a bar, at the grocery store, on a blind date, someone would say, “You know you kind of look like …I can’t think of his name.”


Between 1999 and around 2005, I seriously considered paying for plastic surgery.  Almost every day, everywhere I went, I heard comments:

“Hey Obi-Wan!”

“Dude!  Do that Jedi mind trick thing.”

“Where’s your light saber?”

“Hey dude, bad-ass fight scene (referring to the 2006 movie, Revenge of the Sith.)

“Jar Jar Sucks”

The top comment of all?”

“May the Force be with you!”

I was astonished at the range and diversity of the people who would suddenly yell these things into my face.  Old women at bus stops, little kids in the grocery store, all kinds of people.  Once a business man in a suit shouted at me…

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