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(why I stopped).

Due to daily heartbreak for each missing loved one which was making me physically ill, I had to stop making these videos and posting the photos on under1000skies.org.

August Missing

July Missing

As the notes on the ^ July video state, there are over 87,500 active Missing-Person cases in the United States alone. That means that an average of 240 families every day are grieving the loss of a loved one. Mine is one of those families.

My dream was to dedicate a prayer 365 days a year to at least one family. I created more videos and I have them still. But I discovered I’m not strong enough yet to face making these pages and videos every day. Each person here represents unrelenting agony for the people who love him or her. I know what this feels like, and I felt it every day, for everyone.

When I set out on this journey, I didn’t understand prayer. I still don’t, but I believe in and have seen the power of prayer. It is the joined intention of love. ♥.


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