Gems 8.64

Second Thoughts

Image by ikon from Pixabay 

It was a night to remember
Gathered in opulence.
Spacious grandeur trimmed in ornate
detail needing only the attention of a
feather duster for much of the
previous Century.

Despite the enormity and variety of the
Bounty being served at this spectacular occasion
This table could never be covered.

The Birthday celebration arranged by Jesus himself,
to celebrate the new life of one of his favorite children,
herself a living miracle.

Having survived complete ruination, the inability to talk,
Severe brain trauma.

On this Birthday, despite an unfortunate series of events at Work
Which caused her to miss most of her own party, she was radiant
and happy, as well she should be.

After all, she was now bouncing from Death’s doorstep with
considerable spring in her step. Her progress was evident to all.

The Chef had prepared a special Birthday cake. In fact, this cake was
always celebrated with unrestrained enthusiasm each time it was served.

Anticipation of the candle lighting, the warmth of her appreciation for all of
her fellow celebrants, the love for her from all assembled oozed from the
aforementioned stoic timbers.

Upon extinguishing the candles with a powerful burst of the fittest trainers exhale,
she exclaimed, “ I have a blowie in my car”, causing raucous laughter which will
not soon be forgotten by anyone in attendance. The kind of laughter that hurts.

In this joyous moment, she wanted one memorable photo to capture this unique moment.
This would be a photo to hang on the mantle not to lose in the cloud. Am image to capture
The exuberance of her friends and the palpable love expressed by all.

The only sad part of the story is that in one fleeting moment the evening was ruined.
By the juvenile misbehavior of one and the response of another.

-John Olander

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