Gems 8.68

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Majik Poetry


Fidgeting with the functions
The brakes are all but burned out
Stop twitching and listen
Left turning tricks got you turned out
Softly settle your accounts
Court cases slowly nullified
Past, Present, Future delusions, had me putridly petrified
Do I focus on what is ahead in my head
Do I go with a flow, that’s a show… passions dread
I keep fidgeting with the functions
A dream of a dream of a dream in a void
Clearly condemned, at the same time, obsessed and annoyed
Demolish the structure
Let us hand out new text
Because what’s next is conditioning
Started first through mass media
Masses practice pornography
Whats an encyclopedia?
I am fidgeting with my functions
Is it a valid debate
Do I have your permission
Am I on a path that is straight?
Your on the road to Perdition
Satellites conquered your free will
We are now controlled by a wavelength
Can you be bigger than brave when your not in a rage
Some pain yields no strength
I want to Fidget with Structures and tinkle on time
Functions of the elite, an unapologetic schizm
Others fidget and tinker, they end up in prison
Let’s all fidget with the functions
Rewire and re mitigate
Your National Forest is already fresh real estate


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