Gems 8.184

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

For this Gratitude Day, a tribute to Shannon Courtney.” Video by Picmonkey

As I write this I am approaching 23 months in Sobriety and still early in my Recovery.

Confident, feeling without a trace of arrogance, and a strong sense of relief, that I have learned my lesson for the last time. Finally,

Hundreds of back stories, but let this one suffice for now. Beginning in 2013, it became clear, and I began to accept that I was no longer able to continue to continue drinking.

A long part of that journey was dreaming about and trying to manage both myself and a woman I wanted to be with for the long term, into Sobriey. Bad idea.

We both agreed many times that it was necessary and expressed a desire to do so, “Tommorrow” . We both had many many supportive people in our lives. Alcohol had, while not ruined, greatly diminished both of our brains.

What I learned from this all, is that I cannot even manage my own Sobriety, much less be the Manager of another’s. For this Gratitude Day, a tribute to Shannon Courtney.

-John Olander

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