2 thoughts on “Gratitude Day 28 December 2022

  1. On this Gratitude Day, I am particularly pleased that the piece which was published was an old one, “Talk to Me”. This photo was taken at “the Garden” in Park Hill whose mission and people I supported with all my heart and soul. Many people who also envisioned total sobriety for me, helped me and were part of the mission, as well as the desire for my total sobriety. This appeared on July 5, 2017. Among the people who envisioned the better, Sober me before I could see it for myself were:

    Aleece and Chris Raw, proprietors of “the Garden”.

    Neal Mondschein and his wife Jenn. Neal has known me since grade school and has never stopped loving and believing in me.

    Nicole Huguenin, a selfless and talented living Saint, who despite barely knowing me took the bold initiative of doing an intervention. I did not take it well. Undaunted, Saint Nicole who had connected my Son, his Mother Jill, and some of my childhood friends to make this thing stick, has kept in touch with me all of this time.

    Nicole, connected me with Tizz O’Toole, aka Niki Flow who has borne with me, given me the privilege of participating in this site despite my disjointed life, and is really a true Blessing to all of us.

    James Ainsworth, who kicked me out of his house and led to the meltdown which ultimately led me to seek treatment on December 28, 2020.

    Above all, I am humbled and indebted to my Beautiful son Stefan Michael. Only he and the Lord know the considerable pain I must have caused him, due to the fact that I really simply did not realize how bad I was until just recently.

    That said, today’s date is December 28, 2022. In the immortal words of one of my Real Estate Mentors Daniel Lynch, “I haven’t had a drink in years.” Thank you Spirit. Johnny O

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