Gems 9.82

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Image by Florian Kurz from Pixabay.


Now the day is done,
Now the shepherd sun
Drives his white flocks from the sky;
Now the flowers rest
On their mother’s breast,
Hushed by her low lullaby.

Now the glowworms glance,
Now the fireflies dance,
Under fern-boughs green and high;
And the western breeze
To the forest trees
Chants a tuneful lullaby.

Now ‘mid shadows deep
Falls blessed sleep,
Like dew from the summer sky;
And the whole earth dreams,
In the moon’s soft beams,
While night breathes a lullaby.

Now, birdlings, rest,
In your wind-rocked nest,
Unscared by the owl’s shrill cry;
For with folded wings
Little Brier swings,
And singeth your lullaby.

Louisa May Alcott

Update 9 May 2023 4:40PM.

Louisa May Alcott was the author of Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys, and many poems and other works of fiction. Funny thing about Little Women, two people she loved convinced her to write it. She wasn’t interested and didn’t think she’d be good at it because all she knew of “little women”(what Dickens called the time between childhood and womanhood) was her own family. But she set out to do it. She called it a slog in her journal. She got through it thinking the entire time it wasn’t any good. She was very surprised at how popular it became.

To anyone who ever thought they aren’t any good, aren’t enough, please check out Shahroo Izadi’s interview on Steven Bartlett’s podcast, “Diary of a CEO” which I transcribed here:

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