On The Way Down

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By River Dixon

One of my all-time favorite poets is Amy Lowell. They called her an “Imagist Missionary” since she was one of the first to use imagery, and she used it masterfully. If I didn’t know this was written by River, I would think this poem was hers. She captivated me when I was a child-woman. Now I’m a grandmother and this kind of language and skill still make my blood sing.


Of Obama’s Summer Reading list and The Obama Leaders Africa

How will you celebrate Mandela Day?

July 18th is the 100th anniversary of the great man’s birth. Thank you Beaton for sharing this blog. We’ll share Mandela quotes on Mandela day.

What is your favorite?

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Becoming The Muse

Former US President Barack Obama is in Africa for the first time since he left office; he draws great inspiration from Africa’s literary traditions and shared with me his recommended summer reading list (technically he didn’t share with me but the Obama Foundation passed it along to me as an interested party in the  Obama Foundation Leaders: Africa program.)

Obama summer reading listThings Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
A true classic of world literature, this novel paints a picture of traditional society wrestling with the arrival of foreign influence, from Christian missionaries to British colonialism. A masterpiece that has inspired generations of writers in Nigeria, across Africa, and around the world.

A Grain of Wheat by Ngugi wa Thiong’o
A chronicle of the events leading up to Kenya’s independence, and a compelling story of how the transformative events of history weigh on individual lives and relationships.

Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson…

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