Gems 4.133

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Photo by Free-Photos, Pixabay

I had to find a quote today about heroes after hearing the news that one of the heroes of World War II, Joachim Rønneberg, died today.  He was 99.  My dad and my two uncles were heroes of that War too, each in their own way.  My Uncle Fred, like Rønneberg, parachuted into enemy territory.  My Uncle Bill was in a tank division in Europe and my dad taught infantry in the Pacific theater.  The story of Joachim Rønneberg is very inspiring.  About nine years ago, when he was 90, he began to speak about it more openly.  The Telegraph reported here:  A New Mission for Joachim Rønneberg, Hero of Telemark.  There is a movie about his life and the trailer is here on NPR, posted today about his death: Joachim Rønneberg , Who Sabotaged Nazis’ Nuclear Hopes, Dies At 99.