This Week under1000skies 12May17

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s what’s happening ☼ under1000skies


“Want Ad” is part of a short-story compilation called 12 TALES coming soon on Amazon as an eBook.  12 TALES  takes place over 12 months, a story for each month, with one central hub, Sadie’s Diner  (“Thin Threads.“)   We’re pledging 50 percent of the profits from the sale of Twelve Tales and 100 percent of the profits from ELANTHIAN LOVE SONGS to the purchase and shipping of artist packs for homeless creatives.  Special thanks to “Johnny O” (John Olander), Denver poet, artist, photographer and change-maker, for the critical review of “Want Ad” and encouragement.  ♥

♡. under1000skies
    =) A “Gifivism” Initiative (=
We are photographers,
writers, artists & advocates
serving and connecting
homeless creatives.




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