Gems 4.16

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤


Gems 4.16

Big congrats to Johnny O whose poem “Climb Again” was featured on two news stories in Denver last week:

KUSA News, Denver CO:  Inside Hard Times Writers Workshop

“Although they’re just words, they are words coming from somewhere unexpected with the hopeful consequence of changing people’s lives for good.”

KUSA News, Denver, CO:  Featuring John Olander Jan. 14, 2018 Reading “Climb Again”

“SOUND ON: What would a homeless person write if given the chance? John Olander shared a hard-hitting piece of poetry with us.”



Thank you Johnny for allowing us to feature your beautiful poetry since last year on under1000skies.  We’re so grateful for our connection and for your friendship.  Thank you for contributions to your community and for your kindness and enthusiasm in all our interactions.  Please keep writing and sharing your poetry.  The world needs your voice.

☼ You’re a shining light. ☼

With gratitude and love,

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A “Giftivism” Initiative

We are photographers,
writers, artists & advocates
serving and connecting
homeless creatives.

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