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guilty until proven wealthy

I have never used our site to promote any politician’s agenda, but this issue impacts every single one of us, most especially those who are homeless and/or in poverty.  If you have a moment, please read this article about how poverty makes criminals of people who have not yet been convicted for a crime, and what Senator Bernie Sander’s wants to do about it.

In a country in which we pride ourselves on the principle of “innocent until proven guilty” we should not be keeping hundreds of thousands of people locked up before they have actually been convicted of a crime.

And yet in 2016, more than 65 percent of the over 700,000 people in county or city jails on any given day in the United States were “unconvicted” — meaning that more than 400,000 people were in jail who had not been convicted of a crime, often because they lack the money to pay bail. In other words, we have criminalized poverty.

That is not acceptable. Pretrial detention should be not based on how much money a person has, what kind of mood the judge is in on a given day, or even what judge the case happens to come before.

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2 thoughts on “Gems 4.97

  1. Best wishes for your mum and Benjamin.

    I’m glad you made the post. The capitalist economy does so much damage. It’s great to hear Bernie Sanders views.

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