Gems 4.149

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Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Gems 4.149

Photo  “Flowers, Macro 1,” Gallery/Macro Photography Copyright © Richard Keys, Photo Sociology:  “Exploring Sociology through Photography”  All rights reserved.  Used with permission.  Thank you! ♡

This is a gorgeous flower photo, but I didn’t know what kind of flower it was until I did a little research.  I found this wonderful poet just today searching for quotes about anemone, which I’m forever confusing with anemones — same word, but the flower is pluralized without the “s” and the marine creature with it.  Did you know that? I learned that today too!

It’s a delight to learn new things, and to find new poets, too, and learn their stories:

Elaine Goodale Eastman (1863–1953) and Dora Read Goodale (1866–1953) were American poets and sisters from Massachusetts. They published their first poetry as children still living at home, and were included in Edmund Clarence Stedman’s classic An American Anthology (1900).

Elaine Goodale taught at the Indian Department of Hampton Institute, started a day school on a Dakota reservation in 1886, and was appointed as Superintendent of Indian Education for the Two Dakotas by 1890. She married Dr. Charles Eastman (also known as Ohiyesa), a Santee Sioux who was the first Native American to graduate from medical school and become a physician. They lived with their growing family in the West for several years. Goodale collaborated with him in writing about his childhood and Sioux culture; his nine books were popular and made him a featured speaker on a public lecture circuit. She also continued her own writing, publishing her last book of poetry in 1930, and a biography and last novel in 1935.

Source, Wikipedia, The Goodale Sisters

Elaine Goodale Eastman and her family sound really fascinating.  Imagine publishing your first book of poetry as a child.  I didn’t publish my first book of poetry until I was a grandmother! /

Speaking of, you can find  Elanthian Love Songs – A Bard’s Tale on Amazon.  As always, 100 percent of the profits go to under1000skies website fund (coming soon).  We purchased the names “” and “”  The dot-org will be for this site and the dot-com for our stationary store.   You can read more here: About Us.

Faux Pas!

We’ve stopped sending out artist kits for now because we’re looking into ways to combine volunteers with homeless artists for the day to take for camera-phone shots —  much cheaper than mailing film and developing photos.  We only ever got one roll of film back (from our friend John O.) and I lost it!  It was just after Ben disappeared. Not an excuse, but perhaps a reason.  I still have hope it will turn up, but that was not a great start.  Thankfully, John was very understanding and cool about it.

Cheap/Bulk Camera Phones?

I still love the idea of artist packs, so we’ll work on putting together a waterproof sketchbook with the notebook to include instead of a camera.  Meanwhile, if you have any ideas about how to find cheap camera phones, please let me know.

Thank you again so much Richard, Photo Sociology, for allowing us to use another one of your gorgeous macro photos today.

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