40 thoughts on “Gems 5.10

      • 😊 ❤️Of course I’m happy to share music, Chopin nocturne op 9 no. 2. I have it as a playlist so that it repeats itself. I listen to all kinds of music! Another of my favorites right now is Ophelia by Roo Panes. It sometimes makes me cry a little but so worth it. Take care 🌷

      • Oh I love this Nocturn. Lovely. Wow — Roo Panes! I subscribed. So beautiful. I’m listening now to Ran before the Storm. I love my YouTube playlists. I just counted — ha. I have 40 playlists lol. ♥.

      • Oh, I’m so happy you liked him! I just listened to Ran Before the Storm. Isn’t it wonderful! He has such a beautiful way. I collect music like that too 🙃 ❤️

      • Oh also I have ones that definitely do for me. I put Clair de Lune on repeat, or Emmylou’s Cowgirl’s Prayer. Or Eminem’s Beautiful Pain. Or 2Pac’s Dear Mama. Or Mile’s Funny Valentine. Or What I’ve Done (Linkin Park). So many. I should make a “I need to cry – NOW” playlist. (41). ♥.

      • That’s a great idea! I have those cry songs. Solsbury Hill is one for me. Hurt by Johnny Cash. Even a Slipknot. Some of the ones you mentioned are new to me. I’m going to check them out. You can never have too much music…can you! You made me smile this morning. I’ve felt very quiet lately. Thanks for sharing Niki. ❤️

      • Hurt is one of mine — I love Johnny. I love his daughter too — saw her in concert. I have to check out the others you mentioned. Never too much music for sure. I love finding new music. I found Dear Mama on Nayira Waheed’s poetry sight last year. One of he lines “she performed miracles every thanksgiving” really got to my heart. One year we had no oven and I made Thanksgiving dinner with a crock pot and a toaster oven, and my son Ben called all his friends to brag about what a wizard I was. I never forgot that. I used another line from that song for our Gems 4.10 https://under1000skies.wordpress.com/2018/01/12/gems-4-10/ — forgive this long response! I could talk about music all day. Just recently started practicing again and getting back to my first love, writing music for my lyrics. I met a musician (my allergist!) and another during a B&B stay with my husband, and both sparked that joy and encouraged me to go back. They did after decades away and it didn’t take too long to catch up. ♥.

      • I bet she was wonderful in concert. I haven’t been to many live performances. The Roo Panes and some other beautiful songs I discovered through DearWalden’s site. I’ll look for Dear Mama. It sounds beautiful but your memory is even better. ❤️ please don’t apologize. Your reply is heartwarming, just what I needed today. Music is such a gift. I still have a mix tape, yes cassette…that a friend made for me in high school. You write music too, wow! I imagine you play an instrument as well. I sometimes wish that I could write music. I’m so happy that you rediscovered a joy! ❤️

      • She was amazing. I haven’t either – but those I’ve seen were amazing. DearWalden – I’ll check that out. Thank you for your comment. I have mix tapes! My friend got me hooked on Dylan and Miles Davis — lots of jazz — when I was young by making me mix tapes. =) Music is a gift. I started writing music at 14 but stopped until recently (now a grandmom). Finally trying to get all those songs in my head down and put all my Elanthian Love Songs to music. I play guitar, clarinet, tenor and bari sax but the last two not since college. Looking for a used bari now. I’m not good at getting music down. My son Benjamin is a savant and can write songs in seconds. We were collaborating on a few … So thank you for your kind comments. I’m actually listening to a different kind of music right now – https://youtu.be/XGK84Poeynk Autotune/ Melody Sheep. One of my faves, We are All Connected (Carl Sagan and others). I love it.

      • I just listened, very cool! I sent it on to my son too. He loves music and science, perfect for him. You have great talent. I can imagine why you might not have pursued creating music for a while. I’m glad that you’re finding it again in some way. Those collaborations with Benjamin must be very dear to you ❤️

      • I hope he likes it. My son sent it to me. ^^ The collaborations were amazing. I did the mom gig instead of the musician gig and 0 regrets. Love being a mom. Music was a big part of our lives. ♥.

      • (Solsbury Hill) Peter Gabriel – of course. Great song. Slipknot – very thick, driving sound. (All Out Life) It’s great to put on songs like this when grief is tied up with rage. My guys love metal the most and I like some (Avenge Sevenfold, Metallica especially, some others). (Still listening) I really like this song:
        “I will not celebrate mediocrity
        I will not worship empty shells
        I will not listen to worthless noises
        I will not subject myself to selected predictable choices
        My time, my attention
        My quality should not be bought and sold
        For convenience’s sake, ever!”
        Speaking of Cry songs, this one really got to me, a gorgeous tribute to Dolores O’Riordan (Cranberries) by Bad Wolves. Man…. *tears* for sure.


      • The slipknot (Wait and Bleed) came from my kids too. They love metal so I do know the ones you’re talking about. It’s not everyday music for me now but I’ll give pretty much everything a try and once in a while Metal is just the thing. I like the way you say that – “when grief is tied up with rage”. The lyrics you shared are wonderful! Thanks for all the great new music and the visit!

      • For me too!!! 😊. I look forward to it again. I totally answer to ellie! but my site is named for my sweet lab mix. She is 9 years old now. Feel free to call me suzanne if you like. Take care Niki. Hugs! ❤️

      • I have music everywhere! I lost a very full iTunes account a few years ago. I am just learning about making playlists on YouTube, still new to me. 😊

      • Oh me too – Spotify, just began iTunes, Plug DJ (a hoot – digital dance party where we share music – my son told me about it though I haven’t been in a long time). I love to create music videos so I love YouTube especially. =) ♥.

      • Plug DJ, I’m not familiar with that one. I love Spotify! If I really love a song then I’ll get it on iTunes and create a playlist of just that song. 😂 That’s so cool, music videos. I haven’t done that yet but I do have some YouTube favorites. Are your videos on YouTube?! Can you tell me how to find them? 😊❤️

      • I’m an introvert too. (INFJ) I just – cannot – stay – away – from people. =) So maybe omnivert or whatever. I used to test as an extrovert. It’s interesting though. ♥.

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