Week 3: Buttons for Benjamin

Week 3 of 52:  Buttons for Benjamin

Starting on February 28th, every week on Tuesday, there will be a special Gem here on under1000skies under a category called “Tuesday, Full of Grace.”  Ben and I were both born on a Tuesday.   I feel the grace of love intertwined always with the sadness.  I feel the grace of support and compassion from friends.  I feel the grace of peace, whenever I reach out, from the source of all Love.  So this weekly “Full of Grace” Gem will be a list of the SAoKs (small acts of kindness) the week before.  I’ll include a photo for each whenever possible.

The three-year anniversary of Benjamin’s disappearance was on March 2nd.  I believe this 365-day challenge will help me stay focused on light, love, and gratitude.  It will help me stay connected to others rather than isolating and slipping into grief.   It will also get the word out to more people about Ben’s story. On the back of every card will be the words, “Picture him home again, safe at last.”  When he was a little boy, Ben’s favorite book, which he asked me to read, again and again, was The Spooky Old Tree with the Bernstein Bears.  I loved those story times together.  The last line in the book was one he would always say with me as we finished:

“Home again, safe at last.”

Buttons for Benjamin Week 3

3/6 The Memoriam
3/7 The Mirror
3/8 The Share
3/9 The Buddy
3/10 The Postcard
3/11 The Kiss
3/12 The Text

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