Gems 5.77

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤


Photo “Pulled by the Light” by Niki Flow

To My People

I love Nimo, Empty Hands, Ellie Walton’s vision and this song so much. I think this song goes really well with today’s quote.  One family. May it be.

Another Empty Hands Music collaboration between Nimo and Magical filmmaker and sister Ellie Walton to create “To My People” – an Ode to Humanity music video and song featuring dear musicians and humanitarians Chad Harper and Nick Dalton. “To My People” is dedicated to the deep inter-connectedness that roots us all. Whether its our blood family, friends, work mates, spiritual or religious communities, or even strangers, we are all connected and blessed to have such love surrounding us. We bow down to all of your hearts of gold. “To My People” is the 3rd single and Music Video from the “Empty Hands” album. Check out the other two: “Grateful” and “Being Kind” on the Empty Hands Website.


Les Misérables

I hope you’ve enjoyed six days of  Les Misérables quotes.  Time to give it a rest.



Jai Jagat

Nimo and the children from Mana Sadhna performed in DC and NYC this weekend.  We weren’t able to attend this year, but we did give a little so they can continue this beautiful show around the world.

In honor of Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary, we present to you ‘Jai Jagat’ (One Earth Family) – a 90-minute dance-drama-musical performed by 17 remarkable children from underprivileged backgrounds of India. What they represent individually and collectively is an unforgettable testament to the power of the human spirit. This one-of-a-kind troupe from Gandhi Ashram-based NGO Manav Sadhna, will be in NYC on June 2nd, 2019 @ 2pm to share an inspiring story of how our planet rediscovers Love. The show is in English and is great for all ages, young and old!

My friend Mish was able to go and wrote about it:

❤️ What a gift the Jai Jagat show was yesterday. The love was palpable the moment you entered the lobby & were warmly greeted by all with smiles & offers of hugs 🤗…

⭐️ The show is unique & totally inspiring and amazing. The kids are brilliant! As good as, or even better, than many of the Broadway shows I’ve been to. Vastly talented, full of spirit and holding some of the biggest smiles on their faces that warmed our hearts. There were multitudes of costume changes, often, on par with Broadway shows in the orchestrated precision!

The theme of the show is how each one of us is changing our world with every seed of love we plant and it gave us all hope for a better world where peace prevails for all… 🕊

We shall never forget this experience. It has left me more hopeful & encouraged about our world. 🙏

More:  Jai Jagat

I don’t belong to most social media any more except for Pinterest, so I wanted to share Nimo’s links here:

Find out more!


Facebook page @JaiJagatShow

Instagram: @JaiJagatJourney



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