Newsletter, Video 1.14

I hope you’re having a beautiful weekend. ♡
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Newsletter 1.14


“Love is the purest form of a soul at peace.” -Matthew Donnelly


“To forgive is the highest, most beautiful form of love. In return, you will receive untold peace and happiness.” -Robert Muller


“True peace is not merely the absence of tension: it is the presence of justice.”  -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” -Melody Beattie


“Peace is our gift to each other.” -Elie Wiesel


Newsletter Video 1.14;  #peace

8 thoughts on “Newsletter, Video 1.14

    • E *hugs* Me too. And you. I’ve missed visiting you and all my favorites. I have your video and blogs and “watch/read” later. When my mind emerges from chaos. Maybe next spring. I need to Persephone for a while. But when I’m able to read you, or listen, you always lift my heart. ♥.

      • Hugs right back Niki. I miss my favorites too which was why I came for a visit. No worries on trying to watch or read my stuff; it’s like fruit cake with too many nuts, the biggest of which is me 😂 Still it’s been fun to try something new. What does it mean to Persephone? I know she was a goddess but it’s been a while. I also know you’re steeped in heavy work so being kind to yourself is a great choice. I just bought a deck of cards called Animal Whispers; they’re beautiful. I find little tools like that helpful for navigating dark and rough spots. Anyhoo. Take care and one more *hug*❤️

      • I love nuts! Salty, savory, nourishing. Can’t beat that. Not so much fruitcake heh. Some great advice. I’ll check out that deck. Thank you.

        So this is on my mind (Persephone) because I’m writing about it today. Here’s the draft so far:

        “I have to let go and go under, all the way down.  Surrender.  It’s like when Persephone feels the pull of her Dark Lover when summer is over.  I always loved that story.  I picture her winter a place for her to sleep deeply, make love often, eat whatever she wants and be filled with his seed and new life.  Then she takes what they created and bursts into the world again with beauty.”

        So okay technically Demeter brings the spring back (her mom), but I am sure Persephone has her own ideas. =)

        My son and I got into a hilarious convo over this one year. Hades doesn’t want her to leave so she starts decorating his underworld.

        “Um…Persephone. What did you do to my beautiful dark and gloomy underworld?”

        “I decorated it!” she says sweetly.

        He thunders “DON’T!” in her face, blowing back her long hair.

        His shouting produces daisies everywhere singing “OH great Hades! We are your daisies! La la la! La la la!”

        He goes POOF with a finger and they explode.

        Persephone snickers and says, “Oh dear. You really shouldn’t have done that.”

        Him, smug. “Why?”

        “Because,” she says, “it makes them multiply!”


        Panicked: “Fine! Fine! You can go.”

        “See you when the leaves are falling, darling.” *wink*

        And I did a movie about it too:

        Short answer right? ^_^


      • 😂❤️😂❤️😂❤️ well I love it. Everything from the nuts to the exploding daisies. As I was reading I remembered Persephone and how I used to love the characters of the myths; you really captured their playful nature, like in Midsummer Nights Dream. Fun! Keep writing fun stuff. It’s good medicine. ⭐️

      • Thank you so much E. That means a lot! I’d love to write comedy. I didn’t know if I had the chops. My son inspires me and we play off each other. Maybe he’ll help me collaborate. =) ♥.

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