Gems 6.74

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤


Photo by Picmonkey.

“I never said most of the things I said.”  -Yogi Berra

My favorite Yogi story was a conversation that happened between Yogi and his wife, Carmen.   It went something like this.

Once, Yogi’s wife Carmen asked, “Yogi, you are from St. Louis, we live in New Jersey, and you played ball in New York. If you go before I do, where would you like me to have you buried?” Yogi replied, “Surprise me.”

Carmen Short and Lawrence Peter “Yogi” Berra were married on January 26, 1949, and in 2014 they celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary.  Carmen had been sick for a while and in March she died.  The next year, on the same day as his MLB baseball debut 69 years before, Yogi died peacefully in his sleep. He was 90.

I hope you enjoyed this week of Yogi.  I’m so grateful for our joyful ones, the ones that make us laugh, sing, and dance.  I’ll feature more joyful-one gems in this coming year.

Meanwhile, this goes out to you.  Do you draw or paint? Take photos? Do you have a favorite quote? Please send it to me. I will be honored and delighted to feature it.  There is only one rule:  It must be filled with light.  Joyful, or poignant or helpful, encouraging, supportive, or a light in the dark to someone struggling.  We need all that. Maybe you have a favorite quote like this taped to your wall or on your desk or in your wallet. I hope you share it.

Special thanks this week to this website where I found so many great Yogi quotes:

For the Win

I hope we have a peaceful, safe, healing, playful, creative, joyful, and love-filled weekend.


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