Gems 6.210

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Dear God don’t know if you noticed but
Your name is on a lot of quotes in this book
And us crazy humans wrote it, you should take a look

-Andy Partridge, “Dear God” XTC
Dear God, XTC

I remember feeling this way, like all religion was manipulative BS created to gain power and control, using fear to cow people while those writing the books and laws and rules greedily accumulated money. I hated the thought of people being manipulated, lied to and even brutalized by religion, all in the name of God. I think many of us have walked this path, especially those force-fed religion as children.

I realized that I can’t see into every heart, so I don’t know if this is true for anyone else but me. I have an outside-looking-in view. The evidence and history is compelling, but I always knew there was more to this. “Nous” in Greek means “heart-mind” I learned recently, that knowing place that perceives or intuits more than our mind and body do. So I began to search within and to study many religions and practices.

I still don’t have any answers, but I find peace and wisdom when I meditate, when I read sacred scriptures, when I listen to Buddhist chanting, when I walk in nature, or when I hear a canter or the call to prayer near a mosque. God is in all of us, I think, and in everything. She he, they. It doesn’t matter. Is the Bible/Torah/Koran/Talmud written by man or God inspired? Both? Neither? It doesn’t make any difference what I think. My opinion is just that. One opinion. What matters is what you think.

I was dismayed to read this when I did some research about this song:

Partridge also received a plethora of hate mail, although all of it was from the US. He commented: “I really felt sorry for the people who got so upset at someone expressing an opinion that might be contrary to their beliefs, or at who might have another take on their beliefs. How could that make them so violent, potentially?”

“Dear God,” XTC, Wikipedia

This search is an individual journey. And since these two weeks are about prayers or letters to God, from all walks of life, then I felt this man’s voice needed to be heard too.

“We’re all just walking each other home.”

With respect and love,

♥. Niki Flow

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