Gems 6.216

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Photo by Niki Flow

The Stigma and the Turning Point
The turning point. We are who we are. A myriad of possibilities.
Does it cause me to feel shame that I may be mentally ill?
Absolutely. Should it? Absolutely not.
Determination. Am I closer to dealing with it? Absolutely.
Am I a winner? Absolutely. And not a beginner.
Am I bi-polar? Probably. But in the best exuberant sense of the word.
I AM exuberant. A full joy and anticipation cometh in the morning for each fresh new day.
There are turning points all the time in any person’s life.
One turning point for me was my eviction from Saint Francis.
One turning point for me was the death of Carol Lee.
One turning point for me was Healthy Food for Kids and reminding myself of how great I am when I apply myself and how much I enjoy helping other people do what is right for them.
One turning point for me is accepting the fact that I sometimes need help and I need not be ashamed of it. I AM WORTHY OF IT.
One turning point for me was using my idle time to pick up the trash of others and saying, “Thank you Spirit for letting me serve your earth.” I am blessed every day in some unknown and unexpected way.
One turning point for me was understanding how much support, love, prayers, and loyalty I have from SO MANY others.
One turning point for me is understanding that life will go on in so many ways that are completely beyond my control. So in order to be my most effective, I must present the best John Olander I can be.
Understand that I am not in control and accept the results whether or not it required the help- of others without shame, knowing that I have done my best.
Now that my friends, is a turning point.

John Olander

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