Celebrating JohnnyO (Part 1)

Today we celebrate John Olander’s first year C&S and the start of a brand new life. A year ago today John began walking his life in a totally new, uphill direction. Today we’ll be publishing a series of poems by John every few hours. This is the first.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Spiraling in Golden Fashion

2X equals Why?         What is X?

What’s your Why?

What if you understood that it is all already here?

What two facets of your being

Must be released to create

Your perfect expression?

Which two factors must be calmed to

put discernment on

high alert?

The cards are dealt, the plan is made,

Which two games will you parlay?

Which unique creation will come to be

When you decide that one and one

are three?

Which two traits can you release

to facilitate a masterpiece?




What’s your Why?

-John Olander

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