Gems 8.62

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Majkic Poetry

                     Normalizing Abnormal Behavior

Kickstarted my crazy cycle with a burnout

        I ride it on the daily until I’m burned out

Mind Racing, Dream Chasing…But the same results

      I swear females belong to the same cult

Men are just Buffoons, Baboons and Barbarians

      Scary is what Scary does, of course it’s all scary again

Were all Hooligans

      Wow, the jolt of adrenaline so addicting

Blast of endorphins, cold flames afflicted

      Crazy is what Crazy does…And I’m addicted

So, I slow down…

Lights Red…

      Put my feet down…

   Cold Sweat

Double Take, then Double Down

   Clown suit, Cowboy hat, Fat Lips

        I’m Fantasizing

Why do I create dangerous daydreams

     Of course, I evolved from the Low Down


                   Perpetrator of Insanity

Is It Her, Or Is It Me

     Heart bleeding…Breathing hard and erratically

Disgraceful taste done with purpose so magically

      Off again with my friend

I feel the tight squeeze, She wants the sin soft again

    Can you feel the wind on your skin whispering

You’re all malleable Playthings

    Sweat Dripping and Soft Screams

My reality is Debauchery with sprinkles, Mixed with melted ice cream

     Fascinated by her slipping in the stream

Now I’m back again…

       In a room Transfixed

The trip was superficial

       The Liquor straight not mixed

Don’t you want a sip?

     My mind caught in your grip

I feel like I’m falling, wasn’t it you that tripped


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