Gems 8.61

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Majik Poetry

She changed my perspective
                                                     I realized I’m reflective    
My inner beauty the continuity of all that’s expected
Into my whole it bounced off her soul
         I realized we could be lovers with the proper interaction
My soul was lit by her inner beauty’s refraction
        I’ve always been unstable, open minded, and attractive
Did I use it to my advantage?
       Of course my magic was mismanaged
I’m no good at math so are fractions were divided
      So I gauged her soul off the sum of my hole
Her facts and fiction, plus our lack of addiction
Adding up these experiences minus the square root of truth
       Multiplied by the measure as her cup spilleth over
I never believe anything even when holding the proof
      Just because we can’t argue, doesn’t mean the conversations quenched
I walked away from her madness
                                                   I was appalled by her stench
Another rewired the connection
       The energy has been amplified, My current flows freely
Hard wired and connected by conclusive synergy
    Discernment, Precision, Passion
Exclusively purposed for my current condition
       Love stemming from her language, vibration, intuition
Speaking truth through vibrations
       Slow healing wounds transformed through a frequency unfiltered
My vocals are deliberate, Heartbeat percussion tempo
      Bandleader is our hearts
Wherever they go, I go
      Forever changing my Perspective.


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