Connection Celebration

Art by Niki Flow

“We are so much stronger together. We all Have part of the answer.”

In celebration of our connection, has a new icon: an old painting I did after hearing a story about oak trees.

“When some trees are in a terrible storm, they grab onto each other by their roots so that they are not blown over like other trees.”

-NIPUN MEHTA  (Paraphrased from a talk during Laddership ~2015)

While looking for articles about “connection” I found this article today about Joyce DiDonato’s new album, “Eden.”

“‘Eden’ beckons humanity back to the garden.”
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“‘Eden’ counterbalances its environmental angst with a more benevolent perspective, in words by Emily Dickinson set to music by Aaron Copland. After a volley of birdsong in the winds, the soothing first line – and title of the song – pours out over a drone of strings: “Nature, the gentlest mother, impatient of no child.” In the album’s liner notes, DiDonato takes care to present herself as a “belligerent optimist,” one who believes both in “the power of humanity” and the “guiding force of the natural world.

“‘Raise our hopes of endless light.’ Joyce DiDonato’s “Eden” may not have all the answers, but it raises the right questions.”


Our 2-week connection theme ended today.  Any theme ideas for upcoming weeks are welcome. I usually just try to guess “What challenging emotion is the world feeling today for the most part?” and then find the opposite.

I hope we have a great weekend. 

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