Gems 8.66

I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
Here’s another light-filled ¤ Gem ¤

Majik Poetry

Painfully Not Worthy

Clearly I am a fool
Painfully not worthy
I make plans that quickly disappear
Speak into being my biggest worries
I will justify my hardest years
Will you hear a truth that’s fleeting
Always in a distant space
Mending a heart that is broke and bleeding
My veins no longer flow in tempo
I am distracted syncopation
I have always had a fractured faith
Form true lies that are misleading
Lustful love a dreamers myth
Will there ever be distinction
Why am I handed broken gifts
Melodies inspired are fleeting
Clearly I am a fool
Im dancing by myself again
Breaking all unwritten laws
I hide my sins with colored pens
Is that semen or is it drool
They taste the same, like subtle pain
Souls hungry can we eat again
Pile it on I am in a hurry
I don’t want to sit
I want to talk more shit
And still painfully not worthy
I get distracted by the concepts
Contemplating worthless matter
Abusive words with cunning hurts
Should I feel anything but shattered
You have a contract with your principles
Undistinguished worthless chatter
Have I said to much already
A sweet clear whisper was the message
Then all the workers scattered
We are painfully not worthy
Once I shared a picture of my soul
You said I looked so broke and lonely
A poet’s soul with lovers goals
Do not act or think my shit dont stink
Please do not ever think you know me
You are painfully not worthy
Detracted from the nations
Disseminations complicated
My actions recorded by the angels
Most to gross to mention
Is it a matter of opinion
Or just facts misrepresented
My opinion is based on virtue
Your truth was electronically implanted
The goals will be assisted by assassins of the spirit
I am painfully not worthy
And in my mumbled prayers you hear it


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