Gratitude Day ☼ 28 August 2022

28 August 2022

John Olander at “The Slate” in Denver, CO.

This month, John shared three new poems, the vid above, photos of beautiful friends, and two gorgeous murals at SAME Cafe and Tattered Cover Books, Denver, Colorado.

Thanks so much, Johnny O!


Defying Odds – The Mural

This beautiful mural was created by Mary Rosenburg and hangs in SAME Cafe in Denver, Colorado. The mural was created as an homage* to John and features the words from his poem “Defying Odds.”

*See John’s comment below explaining the beautiful story about this and other SAME Cafe murals. ♥.

Megan Robins, Mary Rosenburg (mural artist ↑), and John Olander, August 2022

Defying Odds

Spirit is always Present.
Invisible. Inaudible.
The maze becomes precise.
Spirit, desire, fruition merged.
One in 10,000.
Acorn becomes Oak.


Megan Robins, John Olander, and Tommy Nahulu (mural artist ↓), August 2022

The SAME Cafe Mural with its new permanent home at Tattered Cover on Colfax in Denver. Pictured: Left – Kwame Spearman; Middle – John Olander; Right – Tommy Nahulu, who completed the mural for the late Bob Luna, a beloved friend of the community.

Contented Presence
Where am I now?
Still listening, still seeking, but now,
Content, in the knowledge that I am blessed.
Content, in the experience of being ensconced in Grace,
Content, to feel omniscient connection,
Content, to have the privilege just to listen,
The opposite of absence is presence.
My individual presence is truly a divine presence to me,
Yes, the lion’s share of Maslow’s hierarchy is below me,
But in listening, seeking, breathing, releasing,
I did not have to climb that Mountain at all,
Only notice and release and SHE lifted me.
Thank you, Spirit.-JOHN OLANDER

The P List


The P list.
What am I proud of?
Another precious day.

Peerless, promising, not perfect.

One of the things that I am most proud of is that
I continue each day to evolve.

A unique work in progress at the Cellular level…

Somebody once said, and many have repeated,
“Let patience have it’s perfect work and you will
Be made whole and complete, Lacking Nothing.

Now, that’s a perfect thought.

But is requires profound control that I frequently
Do not possess or demonstrate.

Each day and moment I strive to release the past
and claim the present, your thoughts permeate
Your presence. That’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Your ability to be the unique presence that God made
Without pessimism, just peace.

We all need pride. Pride that God made us each unique,
Patiently claiming the present that is today.

To be present at our best so that we may benefit others.

I am proud that I am no longer pissed off at myself or the world.

I receive the precious payoff for my paramount presence, incrementally,
pricelessly, each plain, precious day is pay day Baby,
Imagine that!!-JOHN OLANDER

Pride: The P List – AUDIO

My name is John Olander, DCCA. I live in Denver, Colorado. I am the Rocky Mountain Director and Talent Scout for The letters after my name are self-made, just like I am: I am a Dot-Connecting Change Agent.

The 28th (“Gratitude Day”) is a special day of the month for JohnnyO.

On February 28, 2022, John celebrated his 14th month of sobriety. On that day, we began featuring John’s recent poems. Then every month on the 28th going forward, John hopes to share new material to celebrate each anniversary of his new journey. 

Johhny’s original page on under1000skies: JohnnyO

John’s newest page: Touch 5JO

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Day ☼ 28 August 2022

  1. Thank you as always for your love and support Niki Flow.

    A clarification as to the comment about “homage”. Mary Rosenberg was the catalyst and curator for a project that included four (4) murals in Same Cafe. One of which was the one which she painted and includes my piece, “Defying Odds”. I felt privileged to be asked to be included in this collaborative project which included several artists and writers.

    Same Cafe is a place where “all may eat”, but also where they can thrive together and feed each other’s souls. One big family. To be a part of that just illustrates “that Spirit is always present”. Thanks again Niki for everything you do to support Spirit and love everywhere,
    “Under 1000 skies”. JO

    • John thank you for explaining so beautifully. I’m grateful for you. There were comments on KindSpring too which I’ll share here next. I do love this Gratitude Day idea! *hugs* love and gratitude. ♥. NF

  2. comments (shared this post there too):

    Wow! Read every poem there…powerful, brilliant & deeply moving. Whew 🙏. Beautiful faces in those photos..such light shines through ☀️

    John is brilliant. Publishable!

    thank you, John! thank you dot :o)

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