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Tell Us a Story

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The theme for February and ongoing throughout 2018 is “storytelling.”  We are always looking for your story, poetry, photo and art submissions.  Here’s the Submission Guidelines post from earlier this month:  Tell Us a Story.

Changemaker JohnnyO

John Olander

JohnnyO of Denver and Nicole Huguenin, (Dream Together) one of our most generous contributing photographers.

Big shout out to JohnnyO in Denver who has some amazing stories to tell (coming soon).  Johnny was recently featured in Channel 9 KUSA Denver News reading one of his poems, Climb Again.  When I spoke to John on Tuesday, he told me some wonderful news. He has secured a venue in Denver for two different Gallery shows which will feature the art and writings from under1000skies. One show will be in March and and the other in June.  These venues are quite expensive and exclusive but Johnny was able to get the venues pro bono!  This is amazing news.  Johnny has been passionate about helping spread the word about under1000skies since he learned about us a couple of years ago.  As more information becomes available, we’ll share it here with you.  Kudos to Johnny O and deep bows of gratitude for your enthusiasm, kindness and creative vision.


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I hope you’re having a beautiful day. ♡
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Cause and Effect John Olander Gems 361.png

Photo by Niki Flow.  Poem “Cause and Effect” by John Olander, Denver change-maker, poet and under1000skies supporter.  Thank you so much John for today’s beautiful contribution.

About John Olander

John Olander

Nicole and Johnny O

John Olander, known to his friends as “Johnny O” is a self-employed change-maker currently living in Denver Colorado. He has been “on a camping trip” for over ten years and understands life on the streets better than most. Yet this hardship has not made John bitter, only better. Nearly every day when he is not engaged in a search for food or shelter, John is helping others on the street. Johnny O and I became friends about a year ago when he became one of the first supporters of under1000skies. He is very dear to us all here, and we look forward to more creative content from Johnny in the years to come.



Temporary Emergency Housing Needed in Denver Near Cheeseman/Downtown

Pictured with John above is Nicole, creator and founder of Wild Dream Walks which we recently featured on our second Spotlight Saturday.  Nicole introduced us to John.  We found out today that Nicole has had a big emergency in her living quarters.  Her roof collapsed and she must find housing for at least a month for her current tenant.   So we are sending this out to all our followers.  If you live in the Denver area or know anyone who does and might be able to help, please let Nicole know. Her contact information is below.

Here is Nicole’s call-out on Facebook, also posted on NextDoor in Denver:

Emergency Housing Request Near Cheeseman/Downtown Denver (please share):

Here’s the deal, there was a water leak in the unit above mine and the roof in my apartment collapsed. I need a room for my tenant (as close to downtown as possible so he can bike) from June 27th-July 11th. Thankfully he wasn’t home when the ceiling collapsed and was not hurt. He is a young fellow who is an immigration/refugee lawyer who came here for the summer to help with all the new cases. He is a really stand up person with a good heart. And, he has lost 85% of his possessions to water damage from the ceiling collapsing, including his computer.

I know there are people out there who have an extra room for him to stay in over the next two weeks near Cheesman Park and can help us make the last few weeks of his stay a good and supportive one.

-We talk with insurance tomorrow. Either way, we’ve been told we need to front the money for housing and will possibly be reimbursed “market rate – which they say is $60” when the rebuild is finished, however that was not guaranteed.

-Airbnb is currently running $130-$200 a night, hotels are running $160-$230 a night.

-We no longer qualify for Red Cross emergency services and with his short stay I want him to be in one place for the next two weeks (it’s the least one can do).

-I’ve posted to NextDoor this same request.




thank you

Thanks so much again Johnny O for submitting today’s beautiful and wise poem.

With deep thanks and lots of love,

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☼ A “Giftivism” Initiative ☼
We are photographers,
writers, artists & advocates
serving and connecting
homeless creatives.

The Denver Project

We just got some amazing news about an initiative in Denver, Colorado spearheaded by Johnny O. and one of our volunteers, Nicole.  Johnny is the first of our artists to respond to our artist pack, and he has done so in a big way.  Check out this wonderful video I received from Nicole and Johnny, then check back in June for some really exciting developments (photography pun intended):  =)


Thank you dear Johnny O. and Nicole.  Your creativity and enthusiasm is so inspiring!  Looking forward to June!

♡. under1000skies
We are photographers,
writers, artists & advocates
serving and connecting
homeless creatives.

Gems News

Big News today for Gems/Under1000Skies!


As Posted on Instagram:
#under1000skies Our artist-pack supplies came in today! We have enough for six packs. Each pack includes pens, an all-weather notebook, a disposable camera and a waterproof bag (shown behind). Each (winter) pack also includes one warm scarf and one pair of gloves. Three of these packs are going to our Denver volunteer @wilddreamwalks two to our Delaware team @jazztizz and the other one to our California volunteer @big_manuel  These photos will be returned to us to be developed scanned and featured on our “Under1000Skies” @wordpressdotcom site along with poetry, musings, stories or anything else the artists care to write. We began Under1000skies as a way for homeless artists to connect with each other and form bonds of mutual respect, compassion and deep understanding from shared life experiences. Our Second Gallery #exhibition will be up this weekend. #grateful #heartsong #homeless #artists #photographers #lightfilledgems Special thanks to @cntryboyluv @#and @wilddreamwalks for photography #contributions. We are always looking for new #photos and #art to feature on our site. You always retain full rights. See our “about” page for more info. Thank you you so much for helping us distribute these packs! Thanks also to everyone for your support and for helping to spread the word about “Under1000Skies”. 😊@tizzlovesrowdy