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Photos by Skeeze, Pixabay (5.163) and Niki Flow (5.164-5.167)


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Photo by Harry J. Burgess, Pixabay.  Quote contributed by Rajni Gohil. Thank you both.

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” -Helen Keller


Photo by Pexels, Pixabay.  Quote via GardenGal. Thank you both.

“Because of great love, one is courageous.”
Lao Tzu


Photo “Baltic Sea” by Vait McRight, Pixabay

Full quote from Kim Morrow interview:

“It turns out that a lot of this, a lot of the things we were doing before, a lot of the ways we’ve been living in this culture as Americans, have not been so great anyway. This is an opportunity for us to throw those out, throw out the ways of being that don’t serve our wholeheartedness, that don’t serve our health and the health of the world we live in, to throw out those ways that don’t serve our ability to form communities and to care for each other first. So there’s just some really interesting potential, I think, in the midst of this crisis.”  -Kim Morrow, Sep 14, 2019: Climate Change, Community and Personal Resilience, and the Journey of Motherhood


Photo by Corn Freak, Pixabay

“Find your pack.  Love them hard.”  –Nicole Huguenin


Photo by Free-Photos, Pixabay.  Quote via Rajni Gohil. Thank you both.

“Our duty is to encourage every one in his struggle to live up to his own highest idea, and strive at the same time to make the ideal as near as possible to the Truth.”

Swami Vivekananda


New Quote Card

E Born In Providence Good Enough (1)

“Everyone’s fighting some kind of battle. And I continue to believe, despite moments of doubt, we all have equal access to Vastly Infinite Possibilities.”

-E in “Good Enough,” Born In Providence.


under1000skies Video 1.16

Gems 5.156

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Photo by Corn Freak, Pixabay

“Find your pack.  Love them hard.”  –Nicole Huguenin

Nicole Huguenin

Nicole is one of our top-contributing photographers to since Year 1.  She’s also Continue reading

Gems 4.167

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Photo by Pexels generously shared on Pixabay.  Thank you!

Oak Trees

This quote in today’s Gem is from Nipun’s interview in 2014 on  If you listen to about one-fourth of the way into the call, Nipun tells a story as told to him about Hurricane Katrina and the oak trees that survived.  They were able to hold on, even the face of that massive storm, because they held onto each other by their roots.  Their roots went deep into the earth and connected there.  Because they held on tight to each other, they survived together.  I created this painting after hearing this story from Nipun personally during our group Laddership call. This is now our @under1000skies Twitter profile photo:

stronger together tree roots laddershipo


I met Nipun Mehta about four years ago when I signed up to be a volunteer (or as Nipun says, a “co-creator”) on  I was terrified to be in a new group of people, even online.  Nipun is the same with me as he is with every person he encounters — compassionate, kind and a master listener.   For that first year, especially, Nipun mentored me through emails and answered the many questions I had about service and the gift economy.  Nipun believed in me and liked my writing.  He was patient and totally compassionate about my shyness and fears.  We met face-to-face, in a way, on a video conference call with others in our “Laddership Group.”  To have the high regard of this incredible human being, to get kind notes whenever he was able to write or in an area to respond awakened something in me.  Because it wasn’t just Nipun’s kindness that was changing me.  Everyone I encountered on is exactly like this.  This is why I say on our Twitter page that my teachers and mentors are on ServiceSpace.  In the past ten years especially, I have met some amazing and beautiful people who are now my soulkin.  I’ve written about my fitness-team friends often, but they are among those I’m thinking about too and the beginning of my journey into the light I believe began there.  I learned so much, and when I began to see myself through the eyes of people I admired, I started taking steps away from this lifetime of self-loathing.  The more time I spent in the company of these noble friends, the more light I was able to see in myself and in the way ahead.  Nipun and many others have been the Colonel Pickerings in my life:

My Fair Lady


What Love Awakens

It is not unimaginable that revolutionary change makers such as Mahatma Gandhi, Vinoba Bhave and our modern heroes like Nipun Mehta, or any other whom has walked a path of love and devotion for mankind, could awaken something within us.  What awakens, is the call for us to recognize our own innate goodness. The inspiration we feel by these great ones, acts as an open invitation for us to move in a spirit of love, faith and compassion.

Where Do We Find Gandhi Today?


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Gems 4.67

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Gems 4.67 John Olander First Light In Memoriam

One of our most generous contributing artists, John Olander — aka Johnny O. —  created this beautiful poem to read during Homeless Memorial Day service last year in Denver.  John has had to say goodbye to many friends every year due to the hardships of life on the street.

Compared to the general population, people who experience homelessness are at greater risk of infectious and chronic illness, poor mental health, and substance abuse. They are also more often victims of violence, prior to and once homelessness. Homeless persons also have a mortality rate four to nine times higher than those who are not homeless. With an estimated 40 million Americans living in poverty, 19 million experiencing housing insecurity, and 28 million without health insurance, the risk of homelessness and poor health is a concern for 1 out of 8 Americans.

In January 2017, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), coordinated by the local HUD-funded continuum of care (CoC) programs, conducted the Point-in-Time (PIT) survey to identify and estimate the United States’ sheltered and unsheltered homeless. According to the report…553,742 people in the United States experienced homelessness on a single night in 2017. This number translated to a U.S. homeless rate of 17/10,000, where 33 percent of those homeless were families with children, and within those families, 59% were children under 18 years of age.

(Emphasis added.)


The Gems Project


I promised to send artist packs to Sheltering Grace in GA, Shower Up Nashville, my friend MJR in Santa Cruz (our first Volunteer Biographer client); our friend JohnnyO in Denver for his writer’s group; Michelle (Chilis on Wheels) – our next Spotlight Saturday; and Nicole Huguien, friend and founder of Dream Together, (fka Wild Dream Walks) in Hawaii. Each artist pack costs about $25 and includes a disposable camera, waterproof notebook, pens, scarf (or baseball cap in summer), lip balm and chewing gum as well as a waterproof pouch to hold everything.  We got several out since we started and so far we did get one film back which will be developed soon.  To publish Elanthian Love Songs, we purchased a limited copyright for the use of Steph Law’s beautiful paintings.  This was a loan which was repaid recently as a gift from a generous donor MDD. =) (Thank you!♥)  That means that 100 percent of the profits from now on — that means every dollar now since it’s a digital book — go to into these artist packs, shipping and developing the photos.  Very happy to announce that today.  ^_^  In the meantime, I hope to find a place to purchase the cameras and develop the film in bulk more cheaply. The reason I’m plugging Elanthian Love Songs again tonight is because I really want to make good on this promise to get artist packs these beautiful people and friends who serve the homeless folks in our community every day.

Thanks for reading.

♥. Niki Flow

Gems 4.29

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Gems 4.29 under1000skies

Photo by Picmonkey

Tell Us a Story

under1000skies story

The theme for February and ongoing throughout 2018 is “storytelling.”  We are always looking for your story, poetry, photo and art submissions.  Here’s the Submission Guidelines post from earlier this month:  Tell Us a Story.

Changemaker JohnnyO

John Olander

JohnnyO of Denver and Nicole Huguenin, (Dream Together) one of our most generous contributing photographers.

Big shout out to JohnnyO in Denver who has some amazing stories to tell (coming soon).  Johnny was recently featured in Channel 9 KUSA Denver News reading one of his poems, Climb Again.  When I spoke to John on Tuesday, he told me some wonderful news. He has secured a venue in Denver for two different Gallery shows which will feature the art and writings from under1000skies. One show will be in March and and the other in June.  These venues are quite expensive and exclusive but Johnny was able to get the venues pro bono!  This is amazing news.  Johnny has been passionate about helping spread the word about under1000skies since he learned about us a couple of years ago.  As more information becomes available, we’ll share it here with you.  Kudos to Johnny O and deep bows of gratitude for your enthusiasm, kindness and creative vision.


. under1000skies
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Gems 3.62

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John Olander Wow In Now Gems 362

Poem “The Wow In Now” by Johnny O.  Photo “Verdant” by Niki Flow.


About this poem/author

Gems 3.61

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Cause and Effect John Olander Gems 361.png

Photo by Niki Flow.  Poem “Cause and Effect” by John Olander, Denver change-maker, poet and under1000skies supporter.  Thank you so much John for today’s beautiful contribution.

About John Olander

John Olander

Nicole and Johnny O

John Olander, known to his friends as “Johnny O” is a self-employed change-maker currently living in Denver Colorado. He has been “on a camping trip” for over ten years and understands life on the streets better than most. Yet this hardship has not made John bitter, only better. Nearly every day when he is not engaged in a search for food or shelter, John is helping others on the street. Johnny O and I became friends about a year ago when he became one of the first supporters of under1000skies. He is very dear to us all here, and we look forward to more creative content from Johnny in the years to come.



Temporary Emergency Housing Needed in Denver Near Cheeseman/Downtown

Pictured with John above is Nicole, creator and founder of Wild Dream Walks which we recently featured on our second Spotlight Saturday.  Nicole introduced us to John.  We found out today that Nicole has had a big emergency in her living quarters.  Her roof collapsed and she must find housing for at least a month for her current tenant.   So we are sending this out to all our followers.  If you live in the Denver area or know anyone who does and might be able to help, please let Nicole know. Her contact information is below.

Here is Nicole’s call-out on Facebook, also posted on NextDoor in Denver:

Emergency Housing Request Near Cheeseman/Downtown Denver (please share):

Here’s the deal, there was a water leak in the unit above mine and the roof in my apartment collapsed. I need a room for my tenant (as close to downtown as possible so he can bike) from June 27th-July 11th. Thankfully he wasn’t home when the ceiling collapsed and was not hurt. He is a young fellow who is an immigration/refugee lawyer who came here for the summer to help with all the new cases. He is a really stand up person with a good heart. And, he has lost 85% of his possessions to water damage from the ceiling collapsing, including his computer.

I know there are people out there who have an extra room for him to stay in over the next two weeks near Cheesman Park and can help us make the last few weeks of his stay a good and supportive one.

-We talk with insurance tomorrow. Either way, we’ve been told we need to front the money for housing and will possibly be reimbursed “market rate – which they say is $60” when the rebuild is finished, however that was not guaranteed.

-Airbnb is currently running $130-$200 a night, hotels are running $160-$230 a night.

-We no longer qualify for Red Cross emergency services and with his short stay I want him to be in one place for the next two weeks (it’s the least one can do).

-I’ve posted to NextDoor this same request.




thank you

Thanks so much again Johnny O for submitting today’s beautiful and wise poem.

With deep thanks and lots of love,

under1000skies logo 1
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We are photographers,
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Spotlight Saturday: Wild Dream Walks

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Today we are happy and excited to bring you a brand new story for:

¤ Spotlight Saturday ¤

“Sing your song. Dance your dance. Tell your tale“. –Frank McCourt

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Today I had the privilege of speaking to my friend and one of our first under1000skies photographers and co-creators, Nicole Huguenin, Chief Dream Architect of Wild Dream Walks. 

Wild Dream Walks began in 2015.  This is from the “Founders” page on the Wild Dream Walks website,

Nicole Huguenin:  A former high school teacher turned generosity entrepreneur. After a chance encounter and walk with a 72-year-old women, she founded Wild Dream Walks to bring more love and friendship to the world, on foot. She gifts most of her time and energy to individuals and organizations valuing people as their bottom line. In 2015, she committed to walking each day with a new person or group of people which resulted in 403 walks and a deep understanding of how connected we all are.

It was so great to get to talk to Nicole today.    We shared space for months in 2015 as part of‘s “Laddership Program.”  Being accepted into the program and connecting to other ladders and Service-Space coordinators around the world was one of the most humbling, beautiful and amazing experiences of my life.

∞ Wild Dream Walks is an investment company.

Nicole now does the Laddership Newsletter for Service Space, as well as all the walking, mentoring and dream-building support for Wild Dream Walks.  Her life, heart, and “heart song” as she calls Wild Dream Walks is all about service.  This is one of the many reasons why I love and admire Nicole so much.   Just by watching Nicole build Wild Dream Walks in the past two years, I have learned so much about the gift economy, service and living authentically and with “open-hearted vulnerability” as Brene’ Brown calls it, day after day.  Nicole quite literally “walks the (wild dream) walk.”

Today Nicole explained how Wild Dream Walks works.

Wild Dreams Walks is an alternate investment community like The Pollination Project except, where they invest 1000 dollars, I invest hours, time skill and connections into everyday people’s dreams.

Our pricing structure allows those dreams to stay priceless.

I charge $0, and I ask everyone that I end up working with to decide the value and pay it forward in whatever currency works for them.

I asked Nicole for some examples:

So over past three years have or so I’ve had some people pay it “backwards” — to me.  One lady for example paid me in a month of breakfasts.

She said, “I can’t do what you do, but what you do is important.  So I thought, I will look at Nicole’s life and make it better.   So I see you with bagel coffee every morning, and I knew right away how to make it better.”

So every morning for a month she made me delicious, high-protein vegan breakfasts!

“Wow! What a beautiful form of payment!” I said.  Nicole agreed, then continued:

Some people pay money for my time.  Some pay forward to others and also back to me by sharing their story.   So they pay it forward in their dream or by providing space for another person to dream in their lives.

There have also been about a third of the people who have done nothing, but something that is interesting about this is that I need to add “yet.”  Because what we do is not free, but it is freely given.  So it takes the “tit-for-tat” transaction away.

nicole walking

Photo by Nicole Huguenin.  Edited in PicArt by Niki Flow.

Wild Dream Walks on Instagram


Nicole went on to describe an example of this:

I had someone recently call me after three years and say, “I just wanted to let you know I finally found someone who really resonated with me and I was able to pay forward what you did for me.”

So even after three years, Nicole didn’t just chalk it off as an “unpaid account,” the way say a business would when a client defaults.  She went on to explain how she thinks of the “currency” in the gift-economy.

I could have said, “Wow!  I gave all that time, and that person didn’t value me!  They didn’t pay it forward.”   But I don’t do that.  I talk about it with everyone, though, because it’s important.  We talk about value, so it’s not this silent thing, and I trust it and I’m not going to find ways to distrust it.  So to have that person come back after three years proves the point.

I agreed that absolutely it does. You just never know when a seed will bloom.  Listening to Nicole, I realized at that moment that, from now on, this is exactly how I’m going to look at all my time investments.

I went on to ask Nicole how what a typical day looks like for her.

So on any given day, I’ve got maybe 10 or 15 folks or communities — people I am working with, walking with.  I rarely tell these stories though, because I rarely have the time to tell these stories.

In 2015 alone, Nicole shared 403 walks — 403 stories to tell.  I asked her what she thinks the total to date is and she replied with a laugh, “Oh, I’ve stopped counting.”

During our interview, Nicole was between two walks, and today in Denver it’s 95 degrees!  I can understand now why she doesn’t have time to tell or write about the Wild Dream Walks stories.  I told Nicole I was very excited to be part of the story-telling process today.

“Oh I love that you are doing this!  One of the biggest ways to pay it forward and to help create these dreams is to tell stories.  Then the dream has a life outside of me, outside of you.


Posted on Gems 2.66 – November 23, 2016.  Photo “Solvitur ambulando – It is Solved by Walking” by Niki Flow. Inspired by Nicole Huguenin, Chief Dream Architect, Wild Dream Walks

A “Wild Dream” – “Chilis On Wheels”

Nicole went on:

Sometimes I get really deep into a project because it’s what is needed.   Sometimes I just listen as a friend.  Most of the time that’s what I do.  Often I’m the first friend on the ground as this person with this dream that is bigger than they are is going through their inner and outer process.  I just listen, share space.  I’m building my community and connections, so I am more more able to invest in in their dreams.  Sometimes I hear something I can give personally, and I contribute outwardly to do that.  I probably spend most of my time on little projects like that.

Like for instance one of my dreamers is Chiles on Wheels, started by Michelle Carrera, Brooklyn, New York. Michelle called me a year ago and said,

“You won’t call me crazy, but I have a dream…”

Chiles on Wheels

Chiles on Wheels, started by Michelle Carrera, Brooklyn, New York

From the “Dream” section on Wild Dream Walks about Chilis on Wheels:

Activists on Vacation Podcast

The dream is a mother and son duo podcast highlighting change-makers and their community based project around the world.

As an activist and change-maker myself, (founder of Chilis on Wheels, a mobile vegan soup kitchen) I am now drawn to have conversations with other change-makers and discover what makes a person devote their life to making the world better.

I need to purchase an RV or van to serve as our home and podcast studio for 3 to 6 months as we tour around the U.S. volunteering at different programs and interviewing the change makers.

Challenges include funds to acquire an RV (used, small).

Michelle Carrera, Brooklyn, New York

From Wild Dream Walks – Dreams

∞ We invest in dreams that are bigger than any one person and, If Brought to Reality, would do a lot of good in the world.

“Wow!” I said to Nicole. “I just committed to being fully vegan as soon as I learn how to make vegan food I don’t hate.  I love this idea and I’d love to meet Michelle.”

Nicole responded,

I’d love to connect you.  Michelle told me a year ago that the pace of New York City, being a single mom, was getting to her.

Michelle told me, “I’m going to buy a van, drive around and make as much vegan food as I can and give it to whoever needs it the most.”

That’s exactly what she does, but it’s a lot harder than she thought it would be.  Every big city has a No-Camping Ordinance which means you can’t keep a van in one place for more than two days.  It takes a couple of days to get people to trust you.  So she is having to drive way more and almost spending the same amount on gas as she did for rent in New York City.

“So she lives in the van?” I asked.

“Yes.  She and her son and dog are living in van, and she has a re-purposed kitchen.  She’s been to Philly, Baltimore, New York…

“So — what — she just gives this vegan food away?  For free?” I asked.

Yes she gives it away.  Most of the time it’s to the homeless.  So what we’re working on now is Michelle needs to have a connection team in each city.  So if she goes to Boston, she’ll email the team member in Boston and say, “I’ll be in Boston on these dates.”  And then the person will say, “Okay, I know this person who can help,” or “I can do research, look up homeless shelters.”  So Michelle can show up and be introduced.

So one of the things I do with time is, for example, I had some extra miles so I flew out to spend three days with Michelle and her son.  I said, “I”m here — put me to work!  I’ll do whatever you need doing.”  While I was there, she took me to all the vegan restaurants and I had the juiciest (no-meat) burger I ever had.  She also made me this delicious all vegan chili-cheese mashed potatoes.

I told Nicole that I am really looking forward to meeting Michelle and her son and excited about their dream.  There may be some way I can personally help where I live.  I have to admit, I’d also love to try Michelle’s vegan chili.

∞ We might not always have money to invest but we do have other things that are just as valuable like: skills, ideas, support, friendship, mentorship and time.

Wild Dream Walks on Facebook

GEMS 1.67

A Wild Dream Walk – Nicole Huguenin

Wild Dream Walks on Twitter

∞ We’ve never met another human that doesn’t have some type of dream, big or small. thus we believe that dreamING IS priceless.

Wild Dream Walks on Tumblr


Whenever I talk to Nicole, I always notice what a gift she has for deep listening which has no doubt been honed over thousands of conversations since Wild Dream Walks began.  When we speak, I feel deeply valued and understood.

So Nicole, thank you.  You are one of my favorite folks in the world, one of my mentors and teachers, and my dear friend.  You have been one of our co-creators and contributing photographers for under1000skies since Day 1.  It’s hard to believe we haven’t met face-to-face (other than “FaceTime” and Skype) — but I hope we’ll get to remedy that this summer!

thank you

♥ Thank you Nicole

∞ “We are rooted in the power of paying-it-forward.” ∞

For more information about Wild Dream Walks and Nicole, to support one of many beautiful dreams.*

*Update 15 Oct 2020

Nicole has moved on from Wild Dream Walks. She can be found here on Instagram.

Nicole Huguenin

Former teacher now contributing directly to community, caring & creativity w/

GEMS 1.70

An Engraved Morning by Nicole Huguenin

Spotlight Saturday 1.0 | under1000skies

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Today we are happy and excited to tell you about the start of something new:

¤ Spotlight Saturday ¤

"Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all." Emily Dickinson


The spotlight today is on ShowerUp Nashville, a beautiful service started by Paul Anthony Schmitz.   I  got a chance to talk to Paul this morning and his excitement and love just pours through his words.   I’ve been following his feed on Instagram for a few months, and I have been so inspired by all the great work ShowerUp is doing!

ShowerUp Collage


Paul writes about how he got started here on the About page:

ShowerUp began as one of those moments where you are sure God is telling you to do something, but you wonder if He knows what He is talking about!

10 years ago, I probably would have dismissed His leading without a second thought. Even though I became a Christian in high school, it wasn’t until I read the books, Crazy Love (by Francis Chan) and Not A Fan (by Kyle Idleman) that I realized that it was quite possible that I wasn’t all in when it came to loving the people that Jesus said we were to love. I had bought in to the thinking that if it wasn’t my “burden”, in my “gift mix”, or my “calling” to serve the poor then I didn’t need to. Then, I read Matthew 25 where Jesus talks about caring for and loving “the least of these” and said that when we did it to them, we did it to Him. Conversely, when we didn’t do it to them, we didn’t do it to Him. In that moment, Jesus transformed my heart…

-Paul Anthony Schmitz

Here is one story that really touched my heart which Paul posted on May 23rd:

Kenneth ShowerUp Instagram
Kenneth – Shower Up Nashville

Click here for Kenneth’s 1-minute video on Instagram.  Kenneth tells a little bit about his story and about his life in Nashville with his service dog.  He talks about how much ShowerUp helped him. This story will touch your heart.

In another story, ShowerUp speaks about how a simple shower helped two people get jobs and start a new life.  This is from their Instagram post:

A gentlemen named Jamie came up to get his name on the list and ask for a razor. He said he wanted a shower because last week he took his first shower with us and was able to get a job the very NEXT day! Him and his wife got jobs at the same place!! He said I want one again tonight and as much as you can come. He was smiling and happy!!! He was able to get clothes from @peoplelovingnashville and he was good to go…

New City Connection:  Nashville, TN!

Another really exciting blessing came from my call this morning. I’m going to send Paul a few Artist Packs and he’s agreed to facilitate getting these to the people he serves.   So that means we have a new city connection!

I told Paul about Johnny O and Nicole’s upcoming event in Denver “Colfax Street” (“The Denver Project”)  Paul said was really happy to hear about it and had just this morning  gotten back from Denver.  He said tat Denver is a really beautiful city and to please keep him posted about the event.  (I will!)

I explained to Paul that it is my dream to connect not only homeless artists at the heart level through their creativity, but the people who serve them.  I said that as much as we love to help, it sometimes does feel overwhelming.   I told him how much hearing stories about others helping, like ShowerUp, have inspired me over the years.

Paul replied that this service, which comes in many forms from activism marches to raise awareness; working in soup kitchens; handing out clothing and blankets; and so many more, is so crucial and every kind of service is needed.  He agreed that connection would be really helpful.   He told me about a group in Nashville “Poverty and the Arts” which enlists homeless artists in their city, so I will be contacting them very soon and, hopefully, I’ll have another “Spotlight Saturday” feature from Nashville!

I believe that “small acts with great love” are crucial, every day, and that these become so much more powerful when connected.  So stay tuned here every Saturday for more heart-level connections about people of kindness with service hearts.

Thank you Paul and all the ShowerUp volunteers for your beautiful work. I hope that every city in the world turns its hearts and minds to what you are doing so that there can be ShowerUp trucks and facilities everywhere they are needed.

For more information about Paul and ShowerUp:





thank you

Deep bows of gratitude and respect to the men and women of ShowerUp Nashville.  What you do is priceless.   Hope, dignity, a second chance — these cannot be purchased.

Thank you. ♥.

♡. under1000skies

☼ A “Giftivism” Initiative ☼
 We are photographers,
writers, artists & advocates
serving and connecting
homeless creatives.